Monday, May 28, 2007

Plagiarism and Blogspot

I was just surfing through Blogspot sites and to my Shock, Some Vijay with blogspot address - had posted two of my poems in february this year. The poems were written by me in December last year and I was just shocked to see them on Blogspot.

I just remember that last year itself when there was a case of Plagiarism where one of the members of another blogsite was doing copy and paste, there was a huge ruccus created by the members around and hell lot of issue was raised. Now what would you all have to say when my own poems have been copied and pasted? Moreover, not just the case of poems, my Blog Title and the Blog Description also have been copied in as is format. I am just shocked at that state.

The person has simply copied and pasted my poems and didn't even bother to spell check also.

please visit - to find the original posts by me.

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