Sunday, May 27, 2007

Satisfaction V/s Satiation

Satisfied, I was more than satisfied, always at my progress and the pace of my progress, but never got satiated of it. I am still satisfied the way my life is going, though with ups and downs, but still its sailing through the roughest waves.

I know the day I get satiated with the pace of my progress in life and the way the life's going, that will be the end of it, and I will lose all the charm of living in this world.

Oh God here I pray to you to teach the fellow Human Beings to be Happy and Satisfied, with their lives, with their growth. Just give them a gentle reminder that they should not satiate with what they are currently otherwise everything including the life would come at a stand still and nothing would move forward.

Its the happiness and satisfaction with one's life make life take on its journey from one to another human being and to generations....Satisfaction doesn't halt the progress, rather Satiation Does.

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