Friday, June 22, 2007

Will Wait be Ever Over?

Does Wait ever get over? The thoughts as they hit me at this hour today the 22nd June 2007 at the Hyderabad airport waiting for my flight and listening to Music touching my soul – Read On –


When I was a kid, I waited

Waited for parents to permit

Waited for teachers to permit

Waited all the time

I waited along

For myself to grow up

When I stepped in college

I waited

Waited for my exams

Waited for the semester to be over

I waited all along

For myself to be ready for job

When I stepped in the Job

I waited, waited yet again

Waited for my projects

Waited for my appraisals

I always waited

For me to reach home

Once I got married

I still waited, waited long

Waited for time to rest

Waited for my kids

And I waited

Waited for Kids to grow up

Now at the fag end of life

I sit with my love my wife

Holding her hand in my hand

Sitting on the Sea shore sand

Just waiting once again

Waiting for the Final Call


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teacher, leave us kids alone!

Happened to read the article “Teacher, leave us kids alone!” (,curpg-1.cms) on India Times today and well would certainly disagree with the way colleges are trying to act. The question as you put forward is –

Do you think it would be correct to impose a restriction upon what one wears on the pretext of moral parenting and discipline?

My answer for the question is pretty simple and straight forward – it would be totally illogical to put restriction on what one wears on the pretext of moral parenting and discipline. The so called members of such moral policing brigade should well note that denims aka jeans is one of the most comfortable wear. I guess this would be the most common answer across the student fraternity.

I find it really funny for the moral brigade that they forget that the trendy cloths are not the only thing that invites sexual attraction then. The filth lies in the human mind. If they think that wearing Shalwar kameez or let say saree wouldn’t raise sexual temperatures in the minds of those who have bent towards sex, then they are entirely wrong. For that matter, why do they forget that the Saree is considered to be one of the Sexiest Dress / attire.

If wearing the traditional dresses means that the sexuality of a girl wouldn’t ooz from them, then well they are totally wrong as if that would have been the case, then there wouldn’t be many rape cases reported in the rural areas. They should go back to the root of rape cases as reported and as they happen and they might get surprised.

For Sexuality, cloths wore do have the effect, but more is the effect from the way a girl’s body language would be. It’s the way the girl handles the dress and the way she carries herself in the dress.

Just for example, Sushmita Sen looked her best in the Movie “Mein Hoon Na” where she wore Saree for the most part of the movie.

I am totally surprised to note that the colleges are trying to teach students some dressing sense when most of the college lecturers and professors walk into the colleges wearing Sleepers or Sandals. Why not make it Compulsory for such lecturers /professors to wear formal cloths with Shoes, Ties and Blazers an integral part of their attire? Will that be acceptable to these professors? I guess NO and they would start fuming. These professors / lecturers at times wear such silly combinations that one can’t do anything but laugh.

I would conclude with last comment on the matter that – “Those who need to teach should teach and if they want to focus on anything other than teaching then they should focus on Personality development of their students rather than restricting them from doing one thing or other. Those who come to study, they study irrespective of what co-students are wearing. If students would be more worried about their dress code, then I guess they would be spending more time in identifying what to wear than what to study”.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Trying to Reach You

In my daily life

I do a lot

I do a lot to live

I do a lot to survive

But at the end of the day

When I come back home

All my efforts are concentrated


Just Reach You