Thursday, November 29, 2007

Discussion on the Last Scene of Laga Chunari Mein Daag

Of the recently watched movies, I had liked Laga Chunari Mein Daag the most. Speciality of the movie was the way the subject matter was handled and the way the overall relationship management was portrayed. Though it depicted the changing mindset of the Indian Society but some out there might opine that it was still by far largely unacceptable ending to the movie. People who have seen the movie have opined either ways, but the harsh opinion is that this looks good only in the movies and not in the real life.

Inn one such conversation the other day, me and another friend of mine strongly opposed the points of non-realism. We opined that the end of the movie was very much practical and very much positive. When we look at the past of the Indian society dating back to 10th Century or earlier, we find that there had been lot more such cases. The base of Indian society was OPEN CULTURE and it still is. Its only after a certain invasion and post infusion of foreign culture that the social norms changed.

Even today we find several cases in real life and not just in reel life for the pairs getting hooked on irrespective of each others background. If someone comes out and says that for a guy it is accepted, but the background of the girl ahs to be clean and that she has to be one man girl, then I strongly oppose it. Isn’t it being a hypocrite? The guy can have numerous physical relations prior to or even after the marriage but girl has to be virgin at the time of marriage. Now this is something too far and too high an expectation. Why should one expect something from others when one can’t give the same to others?

Any opinions???


Monday, November 19, 2007

Jab We Met - Technical Gliches

Just happened to watch Shahid and Kareena Kapur starer Jab We Met. A really good movie when it comes to entertainment and after the debacle of Sanwariya J. But my entire taste for the movie was spoiled because of the Pathetic technical mistakes and the way city of Ratlam has been presented. Yes the city is not as it was presented in the movie, not even 10% of it. The way it has been presented in the movie really ruins the image of Ratlam as one of the most literate city of Madhya Pradesh and as one of the Biggest Western Railway Divisions.

Let me start from the point they show the shoddy entrance with a board of Ratlam Junction put over it. Well that’s certainly not the way Ratlam’s real station, that’s just a very Pathetic imagination of some really stinking person who never did any research about the entrance to the Ratlam station or the Station itself. Then certainly one DOES NOT See those cheap sorts of prostitutes standing in front of the Railway station and certainly even at night 1 or 2 the Station area is pretty safe for any female even if she is alone. I was really shocked for the way the script represented the cheap acts for Ratlam station.

Moreover the first and foremost technical fault of the movie – A TRAIN LEAVING FROM CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINAL IN MUMBAI TO NEW DELHI DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE RATLAM AND KOTA. And as presented in the Movie, The Punjab Mail certainly DOES NOT CROSS Ratlam at all, it rather takes, Kalyan – Nashik – Khandwa – Itarsi – Bhopal – Agra route to New Delhi.

I mean the script writer hardly put any research in place on this side and well so did the lapse on the side of the Director and the rest of the technical team involved. Its really a gruesome mistake.

The movie certainly creates a maligned image of Ratlam, but Ratlam is not such a Shoddy city, it is very much a nice and developing city that has much better environment prevailing.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sanwariya Reminded me of Moulin Rouge

Movie – Sanwariya

Show watched – Sunday November 11, 2007 10:45 PM

Location – IMAX Prasads, Hyderabad

Review Rating – 2 out of 5

RecommendationIn case You have nothing to do and want to kill your time and have a laugh riot on the poor script and really poor sense of direction, please go ahead and watch this movie

Well as stated above, I happened to watch the movie as there was nothing to do on my part and was scolded a lot for not arranging the tickets in past two days. (un)luckily we got the tickets when we visited that theatre and my friend accompanying was more than ecstatic to watch the movie. I had already lost the interest in the movie as the Promos of the movie had hinted towards the INSPIRATION from a la Moulin Rouge. Well Moulin Rouge is a Musical Movie with lot of backdrop and lot of immense efforts been put up on the script and the direction. But Sanwariya loses out on both the fronts.

Well as far as the Sets are concerned, well they are HIGHLY INSPIRED by Moulin Rouge and also some part of script – when it comes to the role of Gulabji played by Rani Mukharjee. But the whole story and script goes for a BIG TOSS every now and then. Though the new comers do show a bit of their talent and Rani Mukharjee is as usually awesome in the entire movie, but there are far too many loose points in the movie.

Yeah one thing that is typical characteristic or trade mark of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie does shine in the entire movie, and that is the Glamour that is poured into the sets and the dresses of the characters. The another interesting part of the movie is the usage of RK logo and that way this movie can be called as a RE-launch pad of the famous RK Banner.

But overall if you are looking for a typical Hindi Formula movie, well there is nothing except melodrama in it. If you are going with a mindset to watch a movie that is for the love of two youngsters, there is nothing. And if you are going in to see Love triangle/quadrangle and family melodrama well that also is not there. Hence it is not for those regular movie goers.

Well yes in case you if you would have seen Moulin Rouge and you liked it, then well go ahead and watch it (still you wouldn’t like this movie).

My Recommendation does stay at the end that go out to watch this movie ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO orelse if you like to see OFFBEAT movies.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Deepavali or Diwali, The Festival of Lights

Deepavali or the modernized name Diwali, is the festival celebrated as homecoming of Lord Ram from his 14 yrs of exile following hid step mother Kekeyi’s wish. The Festival is marked as a grand festival and is celebrated for 5 days in a row. Houses are decorated and Diyas, Candles and other sources of lights are used to decorate the exteriors of the house (interiors as well).

For the five days, one can hear the sounds of crackers and it would not be exaggerating statement to make that in these five days, the amount of crackers that are burst may be atleast double than the amount of crackers that people burst year round. I guess I can compare the amount of crackers burst in India in just these 5 days to the amount of crackers that would be burst over the world in the year round.

But am I trying to boast about the scenario, NO, NOT AT ALL. Though I used to love to burst crackers a lot and being a little dare devil, used to try various stunts and used to burst quite a good amount of crackers in most dangerous ways. But then with time, I don’t know why my enthusiasm just faded out. I stopped enjoying bursting of crackers and the sound. NO, NOT because of the reasons like Noise or Sound Pollutions (though I am an environmentalist) as there are other bigger factors chipping in to the noise and sound pollution. Moreover one can do better than harming the religious feelings and the fun associated, as during Diwali, people from all the sects join in mind even barrier of religion also diminishes.

So, one must be thinking what is it that I happened to move away from a festival and the act of bursting crackers. It is one of the things that I have tried to establish over years and have not been able to ascertain why?

I guess one of the reasons had been the incidents during the college days where we all hostellers used to chip in and buy crackers and burst them in the Hostel compound. There we never used to think of the amount of damage that we used to cause to the Hostel property, but guess when started recounting those days, started feeling guilty for the financial loss college used to suffer each year due to us.

Another reason, and the more appropriate reason one I would say could be the reason of seeing dark houses of the poor and roadside dwellers. I have seen their kids searching the pile of burnt cracker to find any live cracker that they can burn and enjoy. Have witnessed them standing at a distance and clapping when the cracker burst. I have seen them getting happy when others enjoy, but at the same time have seen the smile to be SAD and Hurting as they themselves can not afford to do it. They have to rely on others, and these others just shun them away.

I too often feel that the second reason had been more of the reason that impacted me and I turned out to be a silent person from the Diwali devil (Yeah the Dare Devil) I was J.

From the time I turned from dare devil to silent guy, I love to do another silent act and that is select a house of those poor once and just go in the night to put Diyas / Candles outside the door, light them and vanish so that they can’t notice who did it. I prefer to light their doorway as for the reason of may be believing in the myth that Goddess Laxmi might see that light and enter their house for fortunes J…Ha ha yeah silly me, but then it puts up that brightness on their face when I happen to see them the next morning J. Yeah one more thing that I don’t forget is to Leave a packet of sweets and few crackers for their children and them. I do that, but still I do not donate money cause, I prefer to see them smiling the genuine smile than the SAD one. The genuine smile with which they thank the unknown to have shared the Festivities with them.

Yes it gives me immense pleasure to see that smile. In case you do not agree to me, well try it once. Try putting just 1% of the amount of crackers you burst in this cause and let me know whether you liked that smile more or is it when you burst the crackers?

I guess this 1% is not much to ask for and hence we all can put that much effort to select one such house and then try to get the feel of the smile.

But before signing off I would Request You NOT TO DONATE IN CASH to the street children as they DO NOT get to spend that for themselves. PLEASE NO CASH DONATIONS, just Lit a Diya / Candle at the Doorstep of a dark house and leave a packet of sweets, that would be making their Diwali better J


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Relations - Time is the Controller

Its not in my control

Nor is in your

Any relation that thrives

Just depends on time

The feelings grow or lessen

The recognition rises or falls

The likeliness changes grades

And the fondness shows shades

All the things in a relation

Mature or go through Dilution

But calling things Beyond Time

Is not worth a single Dime

Its only the feeling of true love that stands through the Shades of time, and its only the true love that stands the tests of time.



Friday, November 2, 2007

For My Sweetheart (To Be)

Here I am writing few words that I think I would be prefer to recite to my sweetheart (to be J) They are not related to anyone whom I know in person J

Today I thought to express

My Feeling that I often suppress

But think being a novice

My emotions lacked that spice

I never knew how to bow

For my Love for thee to Show

So when I came over on thy side

Hardly I knew the rules to abide

In the process thee got hurt

And I hit the rough & dirt

Hence I sat to write

To make thy smile a little bright

Please read this full

Before thee think it’s void and null

I feel for thee is for sure

My Love is tender and Pure

I hope the words do convey

Without getting thee to dismay

I Love thee, I want thee to know

For thy Love I now Bow


How does the Heart get Hurt? Any opinion?

Often thinking about the vulnerability of the heart, I ponder over the point that what makes it pain, why is it that we feel the pain in the heart over any issue that displeases us? I mean why we say that any emotion / feeling / sentiment is heart born then mind?

I often tried to dwell on the point that whether the pain has any psychological or scientific angle? But then ruled out the psychological angle as the human psychology is often related to the state of mind rather than the state of heart. I guess the strain on heart an the state of pain in heart can be ruled to the point that when we are emotionally stressed, the over all effect on the body is such that the heart has to work its extra bit to supply the energy (blood) to the core tissues (cell in human anatomy) of the body and in the process it just get overworked as the cells in the state of tension contract and the result is higher rate of blood transmission from the heart to get the body back in shape.

I guess that might be the reason behind relating the emotions / feelings / sentiments to the heart and that may be the cause of hurt heart (burnt out due to over work, the way I would term it).

Still, am not sure its just my thought, my feeling or the way I perceive it. The Bio - Scientists and heart Specialists would be the Better people / professionals to comment on the same.

The thoughts prevail in my mind as often I feel fatigued due to emotional strains but still my Medical reports are as clean as a blank piece of paper ;) J

Any Doc there to read this and let us know if the theory / opinion is a lil correct or baseless J