Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is it Love

When I see you in the night
Your face twinkling in dim light
Your arms folded as cross
And your eyes gazing across

Stood there totally mesmerized
As in your beauty I dived
I got plunged in the depth
That in your eyes I crept

As you turned towards me
I went weak in my knee
Lost as I was in my thoughts
Felt as if I was a caught

As you walked in my direction
I saw the marvelous creation
The creation that's so perfect
Not even for God to object

The so perfect pair of eyes
The so perfect pair of lips
The so perfect flow of skin
The so perfect flow of hair

Whenever I see you around
It seems to be the surround
Surround of the nature
Surround of Beauty

Is this nothing but the Sign
the Sign for my love
My Love for you
Its plainly the Sign
Am falling in Love

Waiting for You

Here I am waiting for you
This wait is somehow not new
I have waited with patience
Because I know the essence
Essence of your Love
O'my Sweet Dove

In past I tried looking around
On the sky and on the ground
Even bent my knee
To look in the sea
Tried to smell in the air
To get a feel of your Hair

It seems that you are hiding
On my feelings you are riding
Please come out of your den
My heart skips now and then
With my age on the of knife
It seems nearing End of Life

---------Signing off with a hope---------
To see you soon
Before I see my life's last moon

Why But Why

Why don't you recall the time
Why don't you just keep rhyme
Why don't you sit and relax
Why don't you put aside the Axe

All this time I saw
Your anger has been raw
Raw with your honesty
Just like a clan a dynasty

If it just were my fault
It would have been a jolt
But then Don't blam me
cause am not going on my knee

It was more of the situation
That went through a sensation
I should not given an explanation
But am sufering from exhaution

Why are you doing all this
Forgetting the time of bliss
I might have hurt your pride
But I was always by your side

You need to understand this
Am not giving any chance a miss
I want all this to end
No more words to ever Bend

Let live in Peace and Harmony
To taste frinedship's Honey
You are just a wonderful Person
Be it spring or winter season

I just fail to understand -
Why are you playing trumpet Band..??

In the Meanwhile

Looking for you at the door
From life not asking for more
I would just sit tight
Waiting for moment just right

Now that I am free for issue
Waiting for you is my every tissue
I hope you on your Way
To meet me one fine Day

Life has been on a stand still
From the day you changed your will
Wait has been the work on me
Am here down on my knee

If you would not meet me here
I would ensure to be there
Test of patience is too High
Blood in my Heart is to Dry

Please come back to my life
To be my soul and my wife
For me this is the only way
Remembering that day of May

The Way You Walk

When I see thee around
Walking on the ground
My heart almost jumps
Heartbeat just thumps

When thy hips move and sway
My eyes just stick to the way
Looking at thy awesome curves
Blood rushes through nerves

With thy foot claps approaching
Heat of moment goes scorching
When you cross my seat
Our heads node and eyes meet

When thee pass on the smile
That takes me several miles
Intoxicating is thy fragrance
Full of Eroticism and romance

Thee just ignite Love for thee
With the way thy walk past me
That walk and those looks
Seem to me tenterhooks

I shall always pray
For that lovely sway
Cause its mesmerizing
and tantalizing

The Way You Walk

To My Love

From the depth of the Ocean
to the length of the Sky
From the brightness of Sun
to the Darkness of Night

I was searching for you
Though I always knew
Where did you go
Still wanted to know

Now that you are here
I request you to hear
What I am gonna tell
Might give us a spell

If you can spare time
Or if can spend a dime
It would be really nice
To re-roll the Dice

You know what I mean
With my heart as Clean
I beg you to be there
My grave is dug where

Welcome Back

The World

Around in this World
We just look for a Girl
A Girl to Fit our Dreams
A Girl to Love our Grins
A Girl to Hold our Hand
A Girl to Blow our Band
A Girl to Hug and Kiss
In Her absense to Miss

I am also single and looking
With my life grining and mocking
Though have and Open Booking
For the place in my Heart
But you never saw that feeling
In my heart that's reeling
With these words I let you know
In the name of Love I now Bow

Come and accept my love
You are my Darling my Dove
I ask you to me my life
Be with me as my wife
You love me tell me that
Make my day an immortal date
Listen to me one last time
Let your Yes be the wind Chime

Waiting here I am for your Word

The Walk and The Wind

Walking togather on beach
With your hand in mine,
Under the moonlit sky
Your face has that shine

The mild bustling Wind
Making your hair flow
Reflecting moonlit from sea
Making your face to glow

The shine of your face
The glow in your eyes
The charm in your voice
All making me to say

I want to Say something with my might
While my heart is going low in plight
Looking at your smile makes me shy
I want to speak but my throat is dry

I just put my mouth
Right close to your ears
And whisper through
The sound of waves

Don't go away ever from me
I beg you while down on my knee
I love you is all I would say
I propose you this evening of May.......

Please Come Back

Going beyond the times
where my memory rhymes
I go back to past
that's beautiful and vast

I remember whent it strikes nine
You were with me all mine
Your Face full of Glow and Shine
Our heart and Soul were all align

But the same old story of destiny
Which once again went on mutiny
Step child as treated it me always
Sends me and you on different ways

I never want you to get hurt
For that I am ready to hit dirt
To see your face filled with smiles
I am ready to cover all the miles

If you think I am the reason
For your heart to pain
I Appologize to you
For your Love is my gain

I request you not to go
For this in front of you
On my knees I bow
Once more to Say


Remembering the Times

Do you remember the first time
You saw me and smiled
Do you remember the first time
We met for coffee and spoke
Do you remember the first time
We held hands and Walked

Those were the sweetest moment
I spent with you
And those were the moments
I carried forward with me
Dunno on which turn of the life
You left me and just left me alone

Trying to Forget

Today I am at a stage
Where I feel am in cage
In a cage of your love
In a cage of your memories

Looking around myself
I only find to be in shelf
In the Shelf of your aura
In the Shelf of your Charms

Is it just nostalgic
or is it your magic
Dunno if this moment
is sad or tragic

Whatever it is
It keeps me haunting
I try to forget, but
My Heart keeps Waiting

And its waiting for you
You know its nothing new
It's my love for you
That's as fresh as

Drop of Morning dew

Straight From the Heart

In the Darkness of Night
Under the moonlit sky
Watching the Stars
With my heart
Full of Agony and Plight
I was thinking of you
Looking Beyond
The frame of time

Was searching for you
In the Darkness
Was searching for you
In the Moonlight
Was searching for you
In the twinkling stars
With my heart drown deep
In Agony and Plight

But you were gone
for once and for all
All away from me
lost in the time's sea
What is that drove you away
If you had to go
Why You made a castle
Of Sand and clay

In Search

One fine day walked out of home
Just to take a walk and rome
Not knowing my destination
I crossed many civilization

Sat under a lonely hood
In the middle of a dense wood
Slept in the lap of Land
Under the open sky's star Band

Covered with denim jeans
Clueless of what my act means
I just wandered around
With the nature's surround

Why I did this you want to know
I would tell for your face to glow
It was just almost out of blue
That I went In Search of You

Thinking of You

Staring at the stars
Through the gushing winds
In the middle of the night
With all my might

I was thinking of you
Was thinking of the time
I spent with you

This turbulence in my life
Was not sudden or spiked
It was always building up
From when you disappeared

Last night was the height
When thoughts gave to Plight
Your Voice still makes that Mark

In my Life

So What if I love you

What if I love you
for the simplicity in you
for the mischiviousness in you
for the depth in your eyes
for the dimples in your cheek
for the sweetness in your talk
for the sway in your walk
for the beauty of your Soul
for the lovely smile on your face
for the intriguing looks
for your love of the books

So what if I love you
for the gem of person you are
You don't have to love me back
Cause I just love you
for what you are
the confidence that oozes
from your Body Language

Please don't love me cause I love you
Please don't lvoe me for money I spend on you
Please don't love me for attention I give you
Please don't love me for anything but
My Honesty and my truthfulness
Everything else in me is void to guess


While the Rain was Falling,
My Heart was Calling
And its you, my Love,
for whom it was Yelling

Scorching Sun, Wild Hot Winds
Summer's peak, Ocean's Creek
O Sweetheart, O darling
won't you speak?

Summer's passed, Springs gone
Still, My heart is, all Alone
Shivering Winter cold,
makes your figure Bold, in my heart

Autumn's High, Baby's cry,
Trees Sigh for their leaves dry
Without you Baby,
Trust me, I'll Die

Season Come, Come and Go
My heart Beats, Beats High and Low
When shall we meet, never to retreat
From our walk for love and future

Significance of Tear

Used to wonder always
why do we cry?
why these tears roll down?
from where, do they come in eyes?

tried looking for an answer
in every nook and corner
but then could not find
even in the sharpest mind

then one day I forgot
to hit my meeting spot
called my darling from her walk
straight she was on the point to talk

I reached there only to see
She was crying waiting for me
I just held her in my arms
trying to cajole her with my charms

I was trembling and in fear
when I caught hold of her tear
I asked tear about its origin
hear the story of tear begin

tear told me the whole show
while jumping high and low
then the tear said
and my wait paid

Below is how the tear told me the story am putting it the way tear told me. Here you go -

Tear -

Here is something you should know
in front of your luck I bow
its for your presence I go
cause you sink in heart too low
you displace me from my home
I can go anywhere even to rome
I give you all my wishes
to be togather till you are ashes

Kissing Tale

In the middle of the night
Dunno was it wrong or right
thought a lot to find
tried a lot and scratched my mind

For with her lips on mine
shiver was there in my spine
she was very gentle and kind
with her hair she put a blind

With the kiss that was on
all my senses were lost and gone
the world came still on hold
as the kiss grew bold and bold

Lips parted with a twist of toungue
curatin on window no more hung
with the wind of passion that was blowing
it let the moon light make her face glowing

I loved that kiss to my heart
her aim was right on the dart
when we departed from that embrace
for me life had a all new face

Kiss N Tell

Two pairs of lips that look fine
when you put your on mine
the way our toungues mingle
its seems tour souls are single
the thought sends a shiver down me..
the way I feel all weak in the knee
That kiss was felt not only by my lips..
but through my body, as if I had couple of nips

Jut Coz I Love You

I need not be fined
Just coz I love you
I need not be pulled up
Just coz I love you
I need not be hauled up
Just coz I love you
I need not be jailed
Just coz I love you
I need not be ignored
Just coz I love you
I just need to be attended
That too only by you
For all my wounds
that I got
Just coz I love you

Life's Full Circle

Many of us complain to life complain a lot about life, but why? Why don't we see that Life comes once only... and moments in life are to be cherished....Complaining about life doesn't help because the energy and the time we waste in complaining about the Life and cribbing about the things that went wrong can be very well utilised to identify where were we wrong, wrong to have come across such situations....

We need to remember one thing that Life also has follows the Rule of Gravitational Pull....Whatever we give out comes back to us in one or other form....Life comes once but the moments in life at times repeat and the moments are interrelated in one or other way...thus completing the circle of Life...the vicious Circle....

Life's beautiful -

For those who know Hindi / Urdu -

Kyon karein shiqwa shikayat zindagi se..
Milega wahi jo hai naseeb mein...
parwar digar ki inemat hai...
ki tumko mile ek haseen zindagi...
na bahao aansoon apne
na dekho bekar ke sapne....

aur mujhe koi shikwa nahin hai zindagi se.....
khush hun mein apne is chote jahan mein....
gar shikwa bhi kiya to kya.....
mera gujara waqt laut aayega?

Meaning of Life

Forever I pondered
What is Life
Searched a Lot
What is Life
Searched in the Books,
Searched in Religion,
Searched in the Sea,
Searched in the Ocean,
Searched a Lot,
In every nook and corner
Of this World,
Then got to know one day
That too in my Dream,
When Life visited me
And told me
That it stands for
Love Is For Ever

एक नज़्म तन्हाई पर

तन्हाई का आलम मुझे हर कहीँ घेर लेता हैं
भीड़ में भी तनहां होने का गुमां होता है
की तनहां आये हैं, तनहां ही चले जाना है,
फीर भी तनहां रहने से dil बेजाँ परेशां क्यों है

तन्हाई का आलम मुझे हर कहीँ घेर लेता है
भीड़ में भी तन्हाई का गुमां होता है
वो पूछते हैं की तन्हाई में क्या रक्खा है
नादां हैं वो क्या जाने
की तन्हाई के साए में हमारा dil रक्खा है
दर्दे dil का एक तस्सव्वुर रक्खा है

की तन्हा आये हैं, तन्हा ही चले जाएंगे
फीर तन्हा रहने से dil बेजाँ परेशां क्यों है

Essence of Life

Essence of Life as can be described at various level in various cases with various though processes. For a more pessimist approach would be -

Life is a mystery case
that is always in a haze
cause we don't know
when we got to bow

But for someone who has joyous view about life following lines might depict the essence of life -

Life is a wonderful friend
that always tends to bend
cause it wants us happy
even when we are in nappy

For someone who is more of a visionary and who is more of ambitious the essence of life may be summarized as -

Life is a marvelous journey
that at times gets curvy
just to help us in aspiration
to reach our destination

Though all sounds too Nice, still I don't find the essence of life in any of them. For me the essence of Life can be summarized in the lines -

Life is a beautiful dream
that gets as sweet as cream
cause its full of love
to live with one's dove

Monday, April 9, 2007

In Search of Smile, I Smile

I often sit and think about -
Who I am?
Why I am what I am?
Why I am where I am?
Why I do what I do?

While I ponder on these questions a lot in most of my free time when I am alone and when I am unoccupied, I also keep these questions in back of my mind always.

The reason to ponder over these questions is to analyze by day-to-day activities and then find the flaws around in them. Also, keeping them in back of the mind helps me in tackling any mistakes that I might commit during my day-to-day routines.

This habit helps me a lot in improving myself and my interaction with others. It helps me improve my diction and improve my overall outlook.

This has helped me improve my relations with my colleagues, friends and relatives. Not to mention has helped me identify, who is there with me being good or Bad times and who is not.

I just recall the odd incident some 4 years back when I had smashed a guy black and blue just because I was in foul mood and he happened to use Rude and abusive tone......and lolz I had smashed him while hurling the worst abuses.

Now, today even if someone hurls most obscene abuses, I just tend to smile and walk away.... Not because I am afraid of him, but because I have understood, Neither Abusing back doesn't increase my reputation in the society or in view of the on lookers, nor does smiling and walking off does.

But I choose the second option because Smile is asa infectious as hate and abuse is. the more you smile, more it spreads and a small and lovely smiles when crosses several faces, it can spread through miles.....

So Smile as often as you can, be it sarcastic or sad smile if it be like that, but a smile on your face can wear out the pain and agony in other's mind and heart....So just Smile

Getting Verbal Bashing

Ah it was just yesterday when I in the busiest schedule got to know that one of my client has called for a meeting while I was to fly out of the town, and I postponed my flight for a later hour to meet the commitment, hardly I knew that I would be getting some bashful words from my dearest Mom.

It so happened that when I ultimately reached Airport and was in the Lounge waiting for Boarding announcement, I called up my Mom to inform her about the change in plan and that rather than flying earlier, I had to reschedule my trip.

Mom answered the call and there she started bashing me for being reckless, careless and so on and so forth, I was initially shocked but then realized, its one of her foul mood that is making her Give me a good verbal Bash, so there the connection from my ears to my heart and my mind got switched off and the smile floated on my face....I was just letting her Bash me well and just in calm voice was saying "hmmm, I know, I agree, aweee I think I should take make a note of what she is saying, Well she should not let things bother her much" and so on and so forth.....

So there she gave me a verbal bashing for next almost 20 minutes and I kept pacifying her with gentle and calm voice.....She was through and concluded - "Happy Flight"....I said okaies....

and Today morning, I received call from her when I was sleeping happily and I missed her calls....I was oops another round is ready, but when I called her back, she was all in a very jovial mood and she talked as of same old Mom of mine, sweet, caring and Graceful....I told her Mom, I am sleepy and she bid good night....and still kept talking...I said WOW to myself...and a bit later I was split wide awake and when I declared to her she responded back - "Good Good, that you are awake now, I dunno how you do it, sleep in day and work at night....and all that" and there I thought wow once again things are fine....Later I found that she had a tiff with Dad for some point regarding me...what point is something now I don't care as far as the storm is over.....

This case is just something which is a regular case with me right from the childhood and I had been treating all such cases like I did this time around. Yeah I am the youngest in the family so I had always been the target for such bashes and I used to just take all of it with ease without retaliating....I still do....just like a Punching bag and well over the period don't get affected by things, as the Mind, Heart and Ear coordination and connectivity is switched off during the process.....and since things don't enter my mind, they don't hover there or they don't sink in my heart to trouble me and make me feel that I have done something wrong...yeah they rather teach me that how to handle things better the next time....So I have learned a lot from such bashings rather than feeling dejected.....

You also try it out...I know its easier said than done, but I have practiced it for all these years and it really makes me feel closer to my family I feel atleast there is some point where they trust me so what it is just to vent out their feelings of anger .....

(shhhh don't tell anyone but my friends also do the same as they know they will vent out their frustration without being hit back


Wars - They Destroy More

I am one proud soldier
With armour on shoulder
Sitting in the calm
Looking at my palm
Distinct from the crowd
Just feeling li'l proud
I was drowned in my thought
On the war that were fought

The thought of war cry
Always make me feel shy
Shy as my job is to kill
Against my own very will
But to guard nation's grace
And to suppress enemy's craze
We need to just fight
With all of our might

But what does a war give
It just is cause to peeve
peeve the human race
And to hurt God's grace
It just destroys the meadows
Add to the orphans and widow's
It's hardly someone's gain
But sure to be a mass pain

So why impose a war on population
That to just to mar civilization
Civilization of Love and Humanity
With the divine bliss of Serenity
I just fail to understand
The cause and the stand
That the rulers have to take
For what decisions do they make

---------Signing off---------
With a hope to Kill
In my own Will
Will to kill the reason
Eradicate the War Season