Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waking up to the Call

The day had come when she had to meet his family, though he knew that it is neither the right day nor is it the right time for her to meet his family. Yeah the decision was taken half heartedly as she was adamant. But as usual she was at her best to live her negative rapport of not being there when needed and when ultimately she arrived she goofed up….Nothing new, it was as usual…..

He was pissed off and more so cause the family turned her down as she was someone to them who seemed to not value time and not respect others’ space. He though was sure that still there is something he can do, but she on knowing his family’s view was turbulent and as usual doubted his capability and hit his confidence. Still that night though there was a storm min their relationship, things went calm and slowly things went steady…or as it seemed.

The next day as it started was calm, but as the day went her turbulence sprang up again and she started hitting hard on his head to the point that he went ahead and said if this be the case he would walk off…..she stopped calling…creating a lull but this silence was the silence before the storm that came that night…she visited him and then there they had heated verbal volley on the circumstances, situation and the outcome, she hitting hard on his family and then walking out in the night, he followed, but to no avail and then he called on her phone to plea and get her back…she did come back and the silence was restored….he was hurt and was agonized…..

The next day started where she again tried to hit his head with her verbal volley, but he ducked and they left to respective work places…the whole day he maintained a distance from her and her calls, avoiding any conflict that might harm his work place balance…..but towards the evening when he was to go for a dinner meeting with quite an important person, she calls and accuses him to be a coward and ditcher, he listens to her….all the time she does not give him any chance to say anything and tells him to either meet her or she is gonna do something harsh and bad to herself…..almost threatens him….he calls off the meeting to meet her and there she again creates that scene…thankfully he didn’t step out of his car and they spoke in the car away from anyone’s attention….there when she hurt him again and hit at his Self Respect, he hit her back with two simple but most rude words – “GET LOST” she was in tears and she left…..

While driving back home he again receives a call from her when she claims to have hurt herself with all blood on her wrist and so on…he doesn’t say anything and hangs up the phone….next day she again tries to contact him, but by then he had decided – Enough is Enough and that he is going to walk out of the relation….She starts sending him messages for apology for her behavior and for causing a blockage in his all crucial meeting……and when next she calls, he tells her his decision that he is calling it quits and that he is walking out of relation….

He is one determined person…once decided never to retreat….but she still is trying to get him back in her life…But he is determined not to go back as he walked out of relation after well thought decisions….after giving her ample opportunities and after trying to salvage situations of conflicts for atleast 6 or 7 times when every time she had walked out and he got her back….to which she always said, she came back as she wanted to not cause he wanted her back…..

So what you have to say??? Should he go back or not??? My take is No as when she walked out and he persuaded her back she claims to have come back by her wish and here I guess he is not willing……