Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks - High Time India Sheds its Soft State Image

I am away from my country for some time, but my heart beats for my Country. India the land of heritage, the land of peace and tranquility, the land of culture with unity in diversity and the list can go on and on and on. But then off recently it has become the land of terror attacks. not one or two, but a series of it. Its like whenever someone's idiosyncrasy gets heightened, we face attacks. For what being Soft and Generous and believing in our Judiciary???? Giving them another chance to destroy the setup?

Imagine the plight of Mumbai. Terror attack on the night of November 26, 2008 is the worst that ever hit any city and how?? Why??? and simple because we are soft, we do not have synchronization between the intelligence sources and there is lack of coordination for information exchange. We had already seen and witnessed these lapses during Gujarat and Delhi blasts, but what did we learn from them?? Absolute Zero....

In Mumbai attacks, we lost the brave son of soil in ACP, ATS Chief Karkare and the Sharp Shooter Vijay Salaskar along with 8 other police men. And what we get to hear from the Top Cops - "We are trying to catch them alive" For what?? why you want to waste nations financial resources and keep the cowards alive at nations expense???? When they can fire indiscriminately, why are we trying to withhold actions of our forces??? Don't we just have enough criminals enjoyin VIP treatment in various jails at the expense of Tax payers' money???

At this juncture my opinion is pretty simple - Shoot the Bloodie Terrorists right on Cameras for the other to get the lesson for not trying to play with the sovereignty of our Mother Land.