Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evils of Ragging - Death of Amann Kachroo

Amann Kachroo the 6'1" tall young and strong boy succumbed to injuries after he was beaten to death by his seniors.  The Young Lad was trying to protect his fellow batch mates when his seniors charged him with lathis (Wooden Sticks) and the blows damaged his ear drum and the brain.  The forensic report identified the cause of death as "Brain Haemorrhage".

Does that sound horryfying, well it indeed is.  As per the news on Times of India site on the link above, the four culprits have been arrested and have now been charged with IPC-302 with a charge of Murder, the earlier was IPC-304 for Culpable Homicide.  Somehow this could ring bells of doubt that the change of guard by Police could well be a ploy to get the culprits off the hook, yeah certainly as the death penalty is not awarded just on the basis of circumstantial evidences.  Witnesses, they could well be bought or threatened of evil events. 

Though I trust the Indian Judiciray and have rull respect on the judicial system, but it is the external factors as mentioned above that could lead to lineancy towards the culprits due to lack of evidences and lack of witnesses.  I would say in this case, the whole community must come ahead and press up a movement to ensure that the Culprits are charged with Both IPC-304 as well as IPC-302.  The punishment in this case must not be any less than Life Imprisonment for them at the minimum.

Raggings often have been a pain for the student fraternity and a severe punishment must be pressed this time on to ensure that it sets a precedence in the right manner to deter other students to resort to such henious acts.  

The family members of Amann are going to conduct a Candle Vigil and I would call in support for them.  The support needs to be not just for being present but for ensuring that a Memo for Signature campaign can be signed and forwarded across to the HP government and a regular followup is done to press the dual Charges of Murder and Culpable Homicide.  This is also the time for the student fraternity to rise and extedn support to the cause and for their better future so that this sort of incidences are never repeated again.

I would request you all to extend your support by forwarding this post to as many as you can.  Call for your support on my blogpost, (please post your comments on my post)

My blog would be actively monitored for all the supporting comments and suggestions from all of you and the faamily of Amann would get more support in form of your comments.  This also would be used as one of the instruments to put pressure on the HP Government and the Police.



PS - There is one more way to ensure that the cuprits are brought to justice.  A case may be filed against those who were the witnesses and they try to chicken out of their responsibility.  This can be done by pressing a charge on them of hiding the truth which is also a crime as per the IPC.  Remember - "Committing a crime and being witness not supporting is equally chargable"

Stock Market - What's wise?

Indian Stock Market has been playing with the emotions of the investors. Its been fluctuating ever since it touched the peak. Though BSE sensex has been hovering around the 8000 mark and been gettitng the support around that, the month of March does not seem to be the time to be providing any assurance to the investors. Market experts are expecting selling pressure by FIIs during the month. This certainly might trigger a short term panic in the retail sector investors, but is it really a news to create Panic?

I see it as not, what I see it as n opportunity for the Retail Investors to put their money at the right plays and hold for a longer term. The stocks would see more corrections in March-April duration and Retail Investors would be able to get good deals on the various stock. It would be a worth to invest during the plummeting times if one is looking at Long Term Investment and not just simple Buy / Sell trades to earn short term profits.

I would see market getting slightly below 8000 mark by the month end and be hovering on that range for next few sessions. Though I would not be surprised to see market plummeting to 7500 by month-end. But all this should not be a worry for the Hold Positions and Long Term Players.

One thing that I would opt out from would be Short-Sellling that could be really tricky in these situations as the Promoters and Directors may step in to buy shares to gain support for their Company's stocks and send a message to the market that we are doing well to face the turbulent times. And yes it would be advisable to follow the buying pattern of stocks one is watching and if the Board Members / CEO / CFO buy their respective company's stock, its worth Buying that stock.

Risk and Caution are something that one needs to always keep in mind while investing in Stock Market.