Friday, November 27, 2009

Tribute to the Heroes - Recounting 26/11

I was away at a far away land when 26/11 happened and as soon as I heard the news, I was following the reports and the news continuously. It was on Phone, mails, chats and the news sites that I was on for almost 24 hrs till the last news of successful completion of the Rescue Operations Came in. However, the news of completing the rescues successfully and gunning down all the terrorists but one didn't actually make me Happy. I was sad, pretty sad at the destabilized system that we live in. There was a sort of Anger that developed and I guess it was the anger for the mis-communication and delays to deploy the troops. Anger against the Media that indirectly helped terrorists know what's happening outside and how the security forces are moving around to carry out the rescue operations.

Amidst all these follies, there were few unsung heroes. We know those who made it to the Media, the constable from RPF who chased the terrorists out of CST station, the ASI who threw his life at danger and lost it, but ensured that the lone terrorist captured could be captured live, Vijay Salaskar and Hemant Karkare, all these are the heroes whom the nation has saluted.

But we also need to salute the unsung heroes,

1. the Staff of Taj,
2. the Management Trainee which ensured that the entire group of guests attending a corporate seminar (that she was made responsible to organize from Hotel's Side) are rescued unhurt
3. the Taj Staff member who lost his life while ensuring that the bunch of guests he was trying to rescue moves unhurt. He did Succeed, but certainly at the cost of his life....
4. the General Manager of Taj who lost his entire family, but still ensured that the guests are rescued
5. the Staff of Oberoi

I mean there are numerous small sections of the 26/11 Saga where at each instance we will find a hero and out salutation has to be to all the Heros and not just those who's praise was sung by the media. From where I know the Tatas did more than they could for the families of the Victims of 26/11 and not just the guests and staff of Hotel Taj. I would say Hats off to the Tatas. They indeed are an institution in themselves, the institution showcasing the Social Responsibilities of the Corporate World.

I just wonder that there were a lot promises made as an aftermath of 26/11, but how many of them have been fulfilled? How close are we at safeguarding our country from such terrorists who are more of Amry waging a pseudo war on us?

For me the Real Salutation and real Tribute to the Heros of 26/11 would be to ensure that the Internal Security of Our Motherland is raised to the notch that any nation in the world should think twice before Sponsoring any such act in future.

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