Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our National Animal Tiger and We

Today I happen to visit the site - "Save Our Tigers" and well from there I was led to the Official Site of Project Tiger. Happen to read certain facts about the way poaching and illegal killing has lead to the the specie listed as endangered specie. From almost 40000 to what they say today the count is 4000 something. Really a bog shame on us and to our National Pride.

I was like aghast. Just yesterday I wrote to a friend on my Facebook profile about the way Lions and Tigers are the Pride of India and today I read about the way the numbers have gone down drastically. The way we are on the run to see the count going down day by day.

I would call for all of you to stand with me to support the cause of "Save Our Tigers" and the Project Tiger. We need to save this Specie which had been always our pride. We need to ensure that we stand united against the Poaching and at the same time saving their habitat from encroachment.

Please register on the "Save Our Tigers" and extend all possible help you can.

Please Stand for the Support of Tigers.....

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  1. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for bringing this issue in front of us. I will do the required.