Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love - The Eternal Bliss

Love as is known today has become a lot materialistic. I am saying this for the experiences I had in my life.

Take this case of a friend who told me that her best friend from childhood confided in him that She loves him. As per his he was floored for she was one of the best gals around and whom he knew. They to talk a lot whenever they used to be free, used to spend time around together. And then she was supposed to be going for some family reunion or like that, though her family knew him and as her Boyfriend, she told him not to make frequent calls and that she would rather call. He accommodated with her wish and accepted it as part of life where if he gets tied up with something, she would also understand. Poor he, didn't know it doesn't work this way and it actually didn't work out that way. Her Love was coming between his love and his career. His career started getting beaten up for he was not able to meet timelines due to more focus on pleasing her. Guess what, she dumped him, why?? for he could not balance between his work life and love life - Good for nothing....

Another case, but this time of a girl whom I knew. She was madly in love with a guy, who apparently proposed her. They were going around pretty well. The guy was possessive and she accommodated with that too. She was so madly in love. He expected her to tell him about her entire day's events like what she did, where she went, whom she met and spoke etc etc, she used to pretty well cope up with the expectations, but day by day the expectations started increasing, his expectations raised to the level of demand and then to the level of commanding the movements of the sweet little girl. Guess what?? Break-up

But was that love??? I guess not. Love in my opinion is boundary less. It is not trying to bind someone with heavy expectations or within a frame / image that we have about that person. Love is something that is a state of selflessness, where as what we see around is selfishness. Love the way it is described as today seems to me as more of infatuation with a Physical form turning out into lust with time.

Love is not gaining, but love is giving. Love is not telling someone to sacrifice, but sacrificing on own. Love is the losing yourself to the presence of your loved one and nothing else, whether s/he is physically present or in your thoughts. Love is the state where heart and mind work in unison and the result is a sweet smile that floats on its own.

Love is not a give and take it is a feeling that reels on its own whether you get something or not.


  1. Certainly love never demands, it gives...
    Love is not providing restrictions, it's freedom...
    Love is not doubting, it's trusting...

    In love the duality dies and only "YOU" exists...

  2. In the real life examples, which you have presented, it's very clearly evident that love never existed. It was just the feeling of loving or feeling of being loved or being attached to someone was there. May be the true love existed only one-sided. So, the end was break-up.

    I really feel sad for them and would like to a give small peice of advice to them - "Don't look for love outside, love is inside, love yourself... You should be so much full of love that love should simply start flowing from you"