Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time to Respect Verdict and Demonstrate Resilience

Normally, I don't like to write on Communal issues.  But today when we are at the verge of getting the Verdict on "Ram Janm Bhoomi - Babri Masjid" case, I could not stop myself from writing.

I don't know what the verdict would be neither do I know what is the truth.  But would Request All and Sundry to maintain Peace and Harmony.  Maintain the Peace that has been prevailing post the shameful act of 1992.

I have been silently following the developments through the time the issue was brought in Public and interestingly have a simple questions for those who might not agree with whatever Verdict is delivered. 
  1. Please look back at the period before 1992, did the issue ever was there for a common man?
  2. Does the Communal / Religious Sentiment attached would help you earn your livelihood?
  3. Would the Anti-Social acts like post Dec 1992 or Godhra incident, help create a better Socio-Economic case?
  4. With the country already fighting for its Pride due to shameful incidents preceding CWG, would it be right for us to question the legitimacy of Judicial System for being Biased to a specific community?
    Who will be benefited if there would be communal disturbance?  
  5. Would you as a common man will be benefited or would be at loss?
  6. Where are those Leaders who had lead the Dec 1992 incident? How many of them are still standing tall as Public figures?
I am not going to answer these questions here, it is for the common people to think, use their senses and answer these questions for themselves, if not for the society or the country at large.  Before you get carried away with the awesome orators or well written speeches, just think on the terms - How will it Benefit you? and Would it help cut the inflation???

Closing with a request to Demonstrate Resilience, Peace and Harmony.....

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  1. If I ask myself, How am I affected by the Verdict, I get a Negative response, as there is no impact on my life. I still have to work day in day out to earn my livelihood. I still have to cook my food at least twice a day.
    Then where and who will be benefited?? Don't you think its just a case of EGO and Politicizing something that DOES NOT impact life of a Common Man??