Monday, November 1, 2010

She Melted in My Arms

When I saw thee on the airport
I was shocked and a lil short
Short of words
Short of time
I just looked at her and Smiled
I knew it would work and take me miles
Miles in the air
Miles of her care

It did happen when she smiled back
She sought my number while serving cake
Her pink lips looked too inviting
Her smooth skin was too tempting
She called me that night
I was at the height of my delight
I asked if we can meet
Talk something while we eat

She came to meet me on the floor
I saw her right at the door
My heart thumped when I saw her
My legs Shivered as on the shore
I went and held her hand
Went right on my knee
When they started the Band
With her Beauty I was Blind

When she brought me close up
To kiss me lip to lip
I was lost in her eyes
I was so much mesmerized
She kissed me so seductively
I was lost in her arms actively
It was then I hugged her tight
Made her melt in my grip that night


  1. Awesome, wonderful, marvelous....... amazing piece of writing, dude.....loved the expression; loved the description; love you for your writings

  2. very innovative.. u write so nice.. I too write but.. not better than u i think.. just check my blog and tell me whether u like it or no?

  3. Thanks Vaibhav :)

    D will do check out you blog, - tell me the link