Sunday, May 29, 2011

And They Say Cricket is Gentleman's Game

From the time I have known Cricket, sledging in the game has been associated as one of the key tactical activity.  Yeah generally its been the fielders around the Batsman who have been the culprits to get into the act of sledging.  Certainly Bowlers have to snare at the Batsman after every delivery that leaves Batsman far and Wide from his Shot selection.

I was not born in the era of Sir Don Bradman though or have not known if Cricket was clean before I started understanding the game.  But certainly from the time I remember, the sort of sledging that goes between the players, it can't be a Gentleman's game. No way!!!!

However, I understand that sledging is used as a tactic aimed at unsettling the Batsman by breaking his concentration, so may be we may tend to discount that part.  But how about the On Field misdemeanor by the players, how about abusive behavior against the officials and how about the disrespect towards the Ground Staff?  Certainly these can't be taken as a Gentleman's Behavior.

I would not go too far, I would just bring up the incident that happened after recent IPL match between RCB and RR where RR lost to RCB by 10 wickets.  Now as per the reports Mr. Warne used abusive language with Rajasthan Cricket Board Official Mr Dixit.  Now this certainly is uncalled for under any circumstance and moreover, the only NOT SO Favorable thing that Mr. Dixit did was Not to heed to Mr. Warne's message of getting a favorable pitch for the match, the one with low and slow bounce.  Ah How Convenient Mr. Warne, if you want to win the match, with them with your game and not by asking favors.  So what if it was your Last IPL Match.  Totally an UnGentleman behavior and an act of dishonesty, that too when you were the Captain of the Team Rajasthan Royals. Mr. Warne you need to understand that Rajasthan is known for the respect it showers on others and am sure you must have experienced it.  Rajasthan is known for its Honesty and Pride, and after your act, I am sure you wouldn't even understand what that means.

But yeah this incident again proves - Cricket is certainly not the game of Gentlemen any more. And if you think, please look back at the Betting and Match Fixing Saga, or do I need to elaborate that for you?? Am sure Not (wink)

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