Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LIfe - Good, Bad and Ugly

Sitting in the comfort of our home, we love to look at the various perspectives of life and we love to poke our intelligence at each of the perspectives.  What we usually talk about is the Ugly perspective of life.  What otherwise would be termed as Bitching!!!.  Yeah we seldom look at the Prettier or the Good side of the life; Most of us most of the times Crib on this went against me or that went against my wishes. But seldom do we look at the greener pasture that is on the same side as we are.

Yeah, I know most of the readers would think "grass is always greener on the other side!!! or so it seems." But why don't we look at the greenery on our side?? Why do we have to look on the other side of the fence?? Why are we always cribbing about our life?? Argghhhh, dismay is what hits me when I try to dwell for these answers for the people around me.  Some people can't look at the positive side of the life, I am not sure why?? and do I care, often Yes and that's the sad part to what the mostly positive outlook I try to bring to my own life.

I have had enough ups and downs in the life, and why not should I relish the ups and learn from the downsides?? They are the integral part of the life, something that spices the life and manages to bring on the variety.   I can't think of the days when everything around me would be rosy as I fear that I would be bored with the monotony of the Life then.  If everything would go my way then the spices of life would dry out and I wouldn't understand whether I am happy or not, as I would forget how does it feel to be Sad.

I remember when I was in College and preparing for the August 15 flag hosting ceremony when I was tying the flag in the manner to prepare it for hoisting.  I was sitting in a very awkward position with whole of my body weight on my left leg, for I could not have put much weight on my right one (I was still recovering from the after effect of an accident where my thigh suffered compounded fracture).  On the instance , the one question that came my way was from the Director of the Institute and it was "How do I feel when I look at my Basketball Career getting ruined due to the accident?"  I thought Yeah "The erstwhile University Player!!", but my answer was - "Well Sir, does it matter whether my Basketball Career got ruined in a Cricket Crazy Nation?  But, when I look at the ruined career, I see a bright future for myself in Academics and Corporate World."  

Trust me, the Director was astonished at the answer.  He looked at me with disbelief and he was dumb-folded for I guess he didn't expect that answer from a 19 year old kid, who had a near fatal (yeah I didn't die as I am still writing this post) accident at that age. He was dumb-folded for the guy answering him had his femur crushed, had the cerebral fluid shifted to left  hemisphere of his cerebrum, had a hairline fracture in this skull and just that....  Certainly, i laugh at that incident whenever I remember that.  Its been almost 16.5 years from then and I am still live and kicking the world with the same right foot.

So coming back to the point, Why Crib?  When Every Problem comes with a Solution within it? Why Crib when we can use the same energy to channelize the execution of the Solution footprints? Why Crib when we can resolve the issues with same sort of efforts and resources that we waste in Cribbing?

If I were to help you get over your problems and get going with the life as usual, I would tell you to stop looking at the Bad and Ugly part of the life and thank god for what you got in your life.  If you want to look at the Bad and Ugly part of the life, then first look at those who don't even get two meals a day, leave apart a peaceful sleep in the A/C room.  But, still they sleep peaceful because they know they have to work the very next day for their livelihood.  Thank god for the life you got as a human being and thank god that you got all your senses working.  Look at the positive side of the life and look at the Good part of life that you got much better life than almost 50% of your fellow countrymen.

Yeah the first thing that I would make you do is to Stop Cribbing about Loss of Love for what you lose was never meant to be your.  You were not destined to get that love that you think was your property.  My point would be "With an Attitude towards Self Respect tell yourself that your Ex did not deserve you.  Rather than repenting on the Loss of Love, celebrate on the Good Fortune God has showered on you by taking that thorny bush out of your life"

One thing, it doesn't cost must to be positive and live an optimistic life, but it does cost peace of life and a lot of Metal Equilibrium to be negative and Pessimistic in Life!!!!

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