Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Man Maketh the World?

I saw in the news a feature
About a small living creature;
Killed it was, without any cause,
Without a thought about its loss.

Then I saw a documentary
And heard the full commentary
About man and his cruelty,
Destroying things, not knowing their utility.

It came to me in a sudden flash,
That all man does is to clash;
When he can be a cannibal,
Why can’t he kill a poor animal!

One day in order to quench his thirst,
Would he be draining away the ocean?
Upto the level of the crust,
Would he be snatching away life portion?

Nothing would be left then,
This world, a dessert barren,
This is not for what we strive,
Not this for what we crave.

This day, let us take a vow
Into Mother Nature shall we sow
The roots of an atmosphere serene
Revitalizing the environment green.

Words spoken from your mouth cannot be taken back;
If you can’t, don’t give; but take not life of others.

By Vaibhav Bhandari

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