Saturday, June 11, 2011

Irresponsible Step by Media - Ref: Times Campaign

Join campaign to RAISE YOUR VOICE against drinking age limit of 25

What a shameful act by a Media Organization. If the Maharashtra Government has raised the Bar for drinking / consuming Alcohol from 21 years to 25 years, it should be heralded as a good and responsible step by the Society. Media rather then condemning the ruling must come out in support. 

Times group is one of the leading Media houses and if they would get in such acts as promoting consumption of Alcohol, I wouldn't be surprised to see a degraded social stature pretty soon.  

What is the interest of Times Group to promote Drinking of Alcohol at a younger age say of 21 or even 18 as the tweet read "You can vote at 18 but the govt says you can’t drink till 25! RAISE YOUR VOICE." It gives me the idea that most of the models or those associated with Times group and below age of 25 would be left out from drinking in the Parties often thrown by Times Group.  Is that the reason?

People supporting the Campaign must evaluate the general age by which the average student completes studies and gets on a job.  Just take the simple calculation that at the age of 18 one completes +2, at 21 Graduation, at 22 BE, BTech, MBBS (depending on the stream), and 23 to 25 is the age when generally the PG is completed.  Even if we take the lower age, 23 is the time when the student completes PG and gets on the Job front, there the initial year or two are the struggling duration on the Job front, so certainly it is not before 25 that the person stabilizes on the job front too.

Now if one goes by the campaign by Times, it is just irresponsible to fight for letting someone below 25 drink.  If they think 18 should be the age to drink, as per the tweet mentioned above, then they need their calculations set correct.  At age of 18, 90% of the youth still lives on the support system of their parents and they DO NOT have any right to waste their parent's money on Liquor.  

I hail the decision of Maharashtra Government to raise the Age Bar to Drink.  Times Group and the People with Vested Interest behind the Campaign must "THANK THEIR STARS" that Government didn't declare Maharashtra as a DRY STATE, like Gujarat and Haryana.

More so, With raised Age Bar to consume Alcohol, I am sure there would be lesser cases of "Drunken Driving" among youths and there would be lesser cases of Irresponsible Driving resulting in deaths of innocents.  

Here I Stand AGAINST the Campaign by Times Group

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