Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love - The Feeling without Compulsion

Love often comes to us as a feeling and it creeps in for unknown reasons.  I have never been able to understand that the feeling of love could be for some compulsion or for reason or for that matter even compromise.  I do not agree that there has to be a specific reason to love someone, as love is something for me with no boundary and no restrictions.  I am not sure how can someone find a reason to love?
For me, the various reason's people quote for being in love with someone are meaningless and the reasons and opinion are - 
  1. Loving someone for the any physical attribute like beauty, one poses is not Love. It is a materialistic feeling and I put it as infatuation or say something closer to Lust.
  2. Loving someone for the reason related to a personality trait is something that is more of a temporary nature and binds the other person to behave like that in most of the circumstances.
  3. Loving someone for specific skills a person has is another boundary that is created around that person and the person in consideration can't move out of that boundary. Thus again limiting the way person can behave or exhibit skills.
  4. Loving someone because the person Loves you is a Compromise and it surely goes on to backfire in the later stages.
  5. Loving someone for the riches that person has is like another Compromise and is surely going to change if that person doesn't own those riches or when there is another person who walks in with more money to shower on. Its more like loving the Fortune of the person than the person
I mean I can list down many more reasons that can be attributed to the Feeling of Love by the people, some attribute it to eyes, some to the figure / physique, some to the other features.  But, I have not found a single person who could give me a good reason to be in love.

Being in Love is a Divine Feeling and is a Feeling that comes straight from the God within you.  It is a feeling that comes with NO Boundary, NO Reason, NO Compromise, NO Demand, NO Compulsion or none of the other similar stuff.  It comes when one is unable to find any logic to not express it as the person one is in love is a humble and honest person.

Just recalled Few lines from my Old Poem - "So What if I Love You" that I edited to suite the tone of this post -

Please don't love cause someone loves you
Please don't love someone for money spent on you
Please don't love someone for attention showered on you
Please don't love someone for anything material but
The Honesty and the truthfulness
Everything else in the world is void to guess

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