Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sitting on his desk while waiting for his boss to get free, Nikhil was just getting frustrated with the day-to-day humiliation he has been going throuigh for 3 years now. He had joined the organization for the organization is a leading player in the FMCG sector and is one of the reputer brand players. But just one week in the job and his boss started humiliating him. Though as the head of Deparment, he was supposed to have a team as well as resources to work with, it was quite interesting that he was given 3 assistants / trainees and a senior guy. More interesting thing was he was a dummy reporting manager for the only senior team member. That team member was more utilized by Nikhil's boss than Nikhil himself. 

Every time he had been contacting his manager, Nikhil had to hear - "we neither have resources nor budget to recruit senior team members. Either you get the work in place with the current set of people in your team, or tell me you don't even need them. I would be happy to relocate them to another team / department."

Nikhil was now at the peak of his frustration with movement of his trained team members to other projects and he had another set of trainees to start afresh.  Strange for him that he was again at ground zero and again need to struggle to train the new team members to get up to the speed and start delivering.  The story was repeated for the third consecutive year and he was totally fed up with this.

As Nikhil was sitting and evaluating his options, he was called in by his manager with the plan for training the new bunch.  Nikhil hung up the phone and decided "Now or Never".  He walked to the meeting room empty handed and settled down there.  He had decided, either he is going to get the required resources or do hell with the job and the organization.

Nikhil's reporting manager too walks in the meeting room and on seeing him sitting there without his laptop or even his notebook, he asks him - "Nikhil, I thought we were to discus the training plan for the new joinees.  What the hell are you doing here without the plan? Are you here for a picnic?"

Nikhil snaps back - "Sir, with due regards, I have come here to talk about the plan for the department that I am heading.  The department is supposed to be the department to study the Market Dynamics in the rapidly changing economic conditions and is supposed to come up with a sales forecast in various regions to help sales team to target specific region.  But what had we been doing from last three years, the department has rather been turned to a Training Department or a Coaching class,  I put my best foot forward to train them and get them up to the speed and what the the end result? Back to Ground Zero!!! With due respect Sir, either the things have to change or I am not going to waste my time for yet another year in training / coaching the new joinees to once again see them allocated to another team / department."

Nikhil's reporting manager shouts out alound at the top of his voice - "What the hell do you think you are saying?"  Nikhil shoots back - "Sir, what I simply mean is either you get my team members back and yeah let Sid work with me rather than you or find someone else to run your coaching institute. Do Hell with your job and do hell with your strategy.  Right now right here either you gonna get things straighten out or this is the last of me to address you as Sir.  This is what I am saying and this is what it is.  Also, I am going to be plainly blunt and will clearly indicate the reason of my resignation as Your Humiliating acts as well as the Non-Supportive attitude towards my department.  Mind it, I have the statistics to support my claim.  I hope you understand and I hope you would take a decision by the end of the day, Today."

Nikhil completes his statement and walks out of the meeting room leaving his reporting manager stunned!!!!

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