Friday, June 17, 2011

Say No - When you have to

Often in our life we get stuck in situations where we want to say NO, but we can't.  I get across so many people who just keep doing something they are told, which certainly is someone else's job, but they are doing it .  because they couldn't say no. I always tell such people to go ahead and deny, say No. But they can't.  They can't because they feel it would be rude / harsh / ill manners to say No!!!

Saying No is very important in life and saying it when you need to is all the more important.  Take for instance, a girl needs to say No, when she is asked out by someone and she must say a direct No to discourage the person from asking again.  If that girl simply smiles or says - we'll see or says - I don't 
have time, the person asking her out would still be hopeful that she would say yes.  But if the girl doesn't want to go out, she must tell No in a polite and sober manner.

Take for another instance that your boss in office gives you something urgent to deal with and you are already in the middle of something that needs to go then and there, you need to tell your boss to find an alternate person to do the urgent job. You need to tell your boss that you are already occupied with another "urgent and priority work" and you wouldn't be able to do justice to the additional urgent work.  But if you fail to say so, well you would be gone and just to earn some extra brownie points, you would end up creating a situation where you are sure to get good peace of mind in place of a pat on back or appreciation.

But, saying No when you need to also needs one to develop the skill to say No.  That is, when you learn to say No, you must also learn How to Say No and How not to Say it.  I guess, I am getting you confused, right??  But I mean what I wrote here.

Just take the two instances where one needs to say No, and in both the cases, the No that comes out should sound different.  In the first case, the No should be a permanent No and it should kill the question for once and for all.  However, in the second case, your boss needs to be politely conveyed as he had come to you considering you as the Dependable and Reliable team member. In the second case, your No should strengthen your case of being dependable and reliable. It should not make your boss feel that you are trying to shy away with a responsibility meant to be dispensed by you.

So, now that you have read the entire write-up, do ensure that you would resolve to Learn to Say No and you would learn to say No, the way it is to be said.

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