Friday, July 15, 2011

Mumbai - Wednesday Terror Strikes Again

Terror once again strikes Mumbai and this time again on a Wednesday.  Strange but true that Mumbai Police is still looks like they have no clue of where and how things happened and their information network seems to have failed once again.  Once again they are making one after another confusing statement.  First I heard / read that it was quoted that the bombs were not triggered with use of remotes and then there was a news that terrorists used cell phones to trigger the blasts.  Strange but two contradictory theories.

There are few questions that have bugged me from two days now - 
  1. News sources claim that cops in Mumbai got calls that confirmed the dastardly act as act of terrorism.  Why the cops didn't trace the calls?
  2. If the blasts were triggered using Cell Phones, how could the perpetrators gain the Cell Phone Connections?  Aren't cell phone companies require to strictly follow the KYC (Know Your Customer) process?
  3. Where are the cops in evaluating the CCTV footage from Opera House? Just identifying few guys talking on phone for 30 to 60 mins is not the only suspicious activity that would have been reported.
  4. Blasts were identified as using Ammonium Nitrate and IEDs, well why aren't Authorities acting in to identify the source of Ammonium Nitrate?  Isn't it a regulated product for which a license / permission is required before commercially producing it? Am sure if the authorities dig this angle they might get the trail...
It certainly pains that Mumbai has headed to be the soft target of Terrorist or is it that the Mafia and Underworld has a good nexus and good connections that makes it a soft target?  

First they Day Light Murder of Mid-day journalist and then the blasts.  Could they be somewhere connected?  Is it a possibility that Jyotirmoy Dey might have sniffed the plan and would have started investigating in the lines and may be for that he got killed?

Am not sure, may be the pain and the two days of drama in the pain of the terror strikes might have made my mind wander in all the directions, but I guess it is high time that the Cops act and well for the Government to ensure that the future of Mumbai is safer than what it is today.

I guess its high time that Government operationalizes the security measures that were discussed in Parliament by the PM himself on December 11, 2008.  Incidentally many of them were covered in my blog Terror Attacks in Mumbai - Steps to Counter Terrorism that I had written on December 3, 2008 post the November 26 seize that was one of the worst nightmare for the residents of Mumbai.

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  1. Its impossible to track anything in mumbai anymore. So many infiltration points. Corruption at its best. Mumbai has become a haven for all these activities.

    But as tier 2 and 3 cities develop then we will have more distributed financial structure and mumbai will loose its charm and we all will be happy in the end.