Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dedication to Corruption

It is indeed irony of fate that the movement that started for an stringent Anti-Corruption Law resulted in a law that swung the whole meaning of the entire movement.  It is really disheartening that the Law that was supposed to curb the practice of corruption, turned to such a point that the whistle blowers will think twice to spill the beans. It is really disheartening that the government lead by one of the most learned politician in the world has given a blind eye to the clause where the alleged corrupt politician / officer / bureaucrat can sue the whistle blower in case the allegations can't be proved.

I mean rather than ensuring that the Law provides for the Witness Protection Program, the Law makers have ensured that the Law would ensure that the Whistle Blower gets min 2 years of imprisonment and / or some amount of fine to be the whistle blower.  I guess this is a new form of Witness Protection Program the Law makers have formulated.  Interesting isn't it, outside the Jail, the person would anyways be threatened for life, but yeah pay the rental for the Prison Cell and you would be taken care of for the perios of your imprisonment.  Wonderful, I guess this should be applauded!!!!

What do we require if the Law makers provision for such cases where the Whistle Blower rather than protected is exposed?  I guess this is another form of method to curb those who expose corruption.  This way I am sure the cases of corruption that come to the front would certainly be curbed and yeah the Government would be at ease to show the decline in the % of Corruption cases.  Yeah certainly why not, less reported incidents would statistically mean less corruption.  So what is the real case of Corruption would be like the Shadow at the time of Dusk.

Today, our government has strongly reacted to the remark by US. But the stone thrown at us by US is something that our government has itself distributed across to the other governments and now that stone when is coming back to us, they are shouting Foul Play.  Isn't it the foul play that they started and when they are being shown the mirror they are getting scared and feeling hurt??

It is high time that we as Indians unite and show our collective strength to support the cause as raised by Shri Anna Hazare.  He at the age of 74 is not fighting for himself or his family.  He is fighting for us and he is fighting for the coming generations, for our country's bright future.

I might not be headed to join Shri Anna Hazare in Delhi, but I am surely going to fast the day he fasts and I am going to dedicate that day for the Anti-Corruption Movement.  I would also request the readers to forward this post to their friends and friends of friend with a request to join the movement.

One more request, please take a vow not to Pay bribes in your day to day life, lets also ensure that if we support the movement, we do not cross over to the other side and nullify our own efforts!!!

Its time to show our Solidarity and Unity...


  1. Mayank,

    The govt's stance here is nothing but to leverage the bill towards their own personal benefits.

    With people like Sibal and even Dr. Singh (yes, him too), who can lie without remorse or guilt, deceive people without thinking twice and accuse people like Anna without fear or even a thought towards its consequence, I am not expecting anything in their version of the Bill.

    Our only hope is public pressure (as you have said) or support from other parties who will look at the gaping hole this Bill will leave and take action (instead of getting sold out, like they did in cash-for-votes and again when voting for the PAC report on 2G scam)!


  2. Abhishek,

    All Politicians are in the same boat....I wouldn be surprised to see what and how the Other parties play around with the Law as and when they come in power. I do not see any mounting pressure from Opposition atleast**. You might have heard the proverb - "Chor Chor Mosere Bhai"