Monday, September 5, 2011

Bodyguard - The Disasterous Movie

After a long time, I was out to watch a movie, a much hyped movie Bodyguard starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.  With the start of the movie, I felt as if its a waste of time and money. But I thought may be its too soon to decide.  However, not even during the whole movie did I feel like changing my opinion that was formed with the opening of the Movie.

Right from the start till end, I could not find the director's grip on the story and the dialogues.  The story that was supposed to be a Love Story, was lost in the Action scenes. With too much unrealistic action sequences including the stunt of jumping out from one local train to land on the roof of another and then from there Landing on the bridge above.  

Dialogues were also something that seemed to be written by someone with a weak command over Hindi Language as the Grammer in the Language was really a disaster.  There were many instances where one would related the dialogues and the dialogue delivery to the South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi.

Character-wise the characters that stood out was of Salman Khan, who did justice to almost each frame he was in.  Raj Babbar was seen after a long time as Sartaj Singh, and he also stood tall in his role.  Kareena Kapoor as Divya was just about average.  Aditya Pancholi did made an impact in the negative role and may be this may do some good to his career.  Rest all characters were either average or so.  But the worst character in the movie was of Tsunami Singh, who was supposed to be a comic character, but just ruined the movie totally coupled with Bad Dialogue Delivery and poor acting.

Overall, other than Salman Khan and Raj Babbar, nothing else stands out in the movie.  

my suggestion for the movie - Please don't waste your time and efforts to watch the movie....DISASTER

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  1. i too figured something like this while i was watching it sir.........