Sunday, November 6, 2011

P.S. - Forget that You Knew Me

Sometimes the relations can be very painful to each other.  Specifically in the case of long distance relations.  The physical distance starts creeping in the feelings and the thoughts and this starts building up of irritation within oneself.  It is hard to actually cope up with the situation and there starts the war or words between the two.  

Something similar happened in their life too.  It was his traveling job that hit their already troublesome relations. They were anyways not gong great because of his frustration of her not talking at her home about him,. Her frustration was his past and his demanding attitude or behavior.  She was young and virile and he was almost 8 yrs elder to her.  She was in dilemma whether to or whether not to, but always negated in front of him.  He got irritated with her constant negation and took off with his work and assignment to get away from her. She felt that void in her life and realized that she needs him next to him.  He on the contrary created a distance from her that would take for ever to bridge, he just closed himself in his cocoon and restricted expressing himself.

The things that were perceived to be heading to wrong way went worse with time and they started fighting on smallest issues.  And one such fateful day, she hit him hard under his belt with comments on his professionalism.  Her comment on his personal life and her comment on him as a person never had any impact on him as he knew those comments are making him know his weaknesses and work on them. But her comment on his professional life really hit him hard for his 15 years of knowledge, experience and recognition in the industry was all washed out with just one comment.  His pain grew muti-folds, all his pain ran out on his face and he just lost the last senses of his life.

The episode resulted in a drastic move by him writing a long final message to her stating his inability to help her situation, showing his gratitude to her for being around and being his support.  Though if anyone would have known their story they would have known how much both of them banked on each other.

His pain and agony was visible in his last message to her and her pain could be well gauged with the silence from her side because the his message ended with - "P.S. Forget that You Knew Me".

It was as painful for him to write that as it would have been for her to read and accept it. But I guess they both would understand it the most than anyone of us who reads or who would know their case.  I guess not every story ends on a Happy Note, specifically when the girl is not ready to acknowledge her love for the guy and the guy is dying to hear those three Magical Words.....

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