Monday, December 31, 2012

Insensitive Ideology - Demand to Boycott Republic Day

Post the recent incidents of Gang Rapes, Murders and the public outrage, there had been various thoughts and demands or say propositions from various quarters. One such demand or say protest proposition has been to boycott the Republic Day Celebrations on January 26.  But how sane is that demand or the proposition as part of the protest?  It rather is a direct insult to those thousands of Brave Soldiers who stand at the border of the country at treacherous heights, varying temperatures ranging from -60 to +50 degrees Celsius.  Why don't the people think twice before they come up with such suggestions or such demands?  Why do we want to dishonor the brave sons of soil who toil to ensure that our Country remains secure from any external threat?

I understand that when such suggestions float, the masses just are thinking at the internal elements, relating the celebrations to the Political and Administrative Functionaries.  But, is that right?  Just look at the Celebrations that involve the respect and the honor that is bestowed on the Gallant Officers and Security Forces.  There is lot more to the Celebrations on the Day when India was declared a Sovereign, Socialist, Democratic Republic.  The Celebrations are not by the Government, For the Government and of the Government. But the Celebrations are for the People, by the People and of the People respecting the Armed Forces of India that keep its boundaries Safe and Secure.

If there needs to be any boycott, then boycott the Police Day Parade and Function, as they are responsible for enforcing Law and Order in the Country.  If you want to Protest and Boycott as well as Lead these Protests, please tell the leaders who are bestowed with Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan and Pdma Vibhushan to return the medals and other tags associated with the titles back to the GOI.  The Protests must include mass return and rejection of these titles.If you wt to Protest, then please wear Black Bands on your arm demanding enforcement of Law and Order and demanding Justice to the Women at Large.

I am shocked at the way the Boycott the Republic Day Drive is being discussed and suggested across the quarters..... Please there are other things to Boycott.  Boycott the New Year Day Celebration and Do Not Celebrate a Festival for next one year or till law and order prevails.  But, I don't think so that people who are asking to Boycott the Republic Day Celebrations would ever indulge in such activities that would hit their personal celebrations. Would You Stop watching movies or stop going to the Award Ceremonies?  Yeah answer is No.  Why didn't these people think of Boycotting the Cine Awards coming up in January, or the similar other functions??

Please, You have no right to insult the Bravado of the Sons of Soil by Boycotting Republic Day.....Its highly insensitive!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shameless Nation of Billions

What we saw or witnessed in last 13 odd days was the brutality and the sufferings the Girl "Amanat" went through.  I pray god that her soul rests in peace and her parents gain the strength to live the life through with the loss in their family. Any amount of condolences or sympathy would not heal their wounds nor would they make up for their losses.

And in last 13 days we also saw that at last the nation seems to be awake when it comes to the atrocities against women in India. But, would this really result in the desired change in the society??  Will this spur of the moment and anger of the masses turn into a change initiating movement or will it just become another Front Page news of a high profile case just like the Nithari Case, Jessica Lal's Murder Case, Ayushi Murder Case or loads of similar other cases?  I have strong doubts on the final outcome though.  

We have read about many different cases of Rape and just read another Gang Rape case in Patiala and that is just another gang rape in last 13 days.  Incidentally the media got to only two reports on rape cases that can be called high profile cases as they either happened in Delhi or with involvement on the High Profile people.  God only knows how many total rape cases would have been registered as Police Complaints and how many more would have gone unreported.  

We are a nation of billions ashamed on such cases.  I particularly feel shocked at the outrage with protests being staged when there are other cases being reported.  Imagine the audacity of the criminals of society that while the nation was showing outrage against the heinous crime, they went on to commit their own crime.  The nation and the media was too busy to even notice the other two cases.  I feel ashamed to be part of such a society where these cases happen.

Amanat on her part attained peace and solace when her soul met with the almighty and she went away from this barbaric society we live in.  But what about the other two cases and many other similar cases where the Legal Proceedings would inflict more insult on the Victims when the defending Lawyer would raise questions to the Victim or the witnesses on the process of rape. What sort of law is that where the Victim gets raped more and more not just physically, but by the way of mental harassment too.  The Victims also face harassment in the society.  Though they are the ones who face the brutality, it is only they who face the boycott of the society.  

The society also looks at curbing the right to equality for the females.  On one side we talk of Gender equality and on the other side we find institutions like Khap Panchayats enforcing bans on them. Just read the way a Politician made a statement - Wearing skirts to school causes sexual harassment: BJP politician.  

By large the case has certainly stirred a round of outrage but this needs to extend through the grass root and till the deepest parts of the society.  This outrage and protest should work towards enacting strict laws for acts of violence against females by large and not just rape.  Imagine the atrocities that the female undergoes in this country of billions. They are not at peace starting from the Womb where they may be inflicted with Foeticide to the adolescent Molestation and Sexual harassment to Gender Biasness and Restrictions. The list can go on and on to include domestic violence, workplace harassment and many more.  But what is society and GOI going to do in this case?  

We need to empower the Women in general and we need to ensure that Women Protection Cells are setup to take into these cases and ensure that adequate protection is provided to the Victim along with Rehabilitation and Privacy Protection support.  On the other side these cells must be empowered to take the cases of atrocities against women through Fast Track Courts with total transparency and honesty.....

Respect Women - Respect Your Existence

Two Rape incidents reported in 10 days that too in Delhi, the Capital City of India. The first Rape Victim lost her life after battling against all odds for 13 days.  But, do we consider the death only when the Biological Process ends?  What about the mental trauma and loss of social status for the Rape Victims?  Today Media is airing the news of the Death and tomorrow they would be flocking to cover Girl's funeral, interviewing her family and friends.  But wouldn't that be a bigger Rape? Rape of Privacy of the Family? Rape of their family honor and respect. Not only media, but the political parties would also start on their political agenda and use the death of the girl as a weapon to hit back on the State as well as Central Government.  Everyone around would talk about the death and one fine day forget the case at all or else it would just become a reference in the medical studies or in legal corridors.  Long discussions will be held and a lot will be said.  But, would that all bring justice to the Girl and her death? Never to forget, justice to her family.

Looking at the circumstances, I am sure that the justice would never be dealt to the Victim nor to her family. Not to forget here the case 2 as reported of the 42 year old Woman from Jaipur.  Either case the victims would not get the right justice as in my opinion, there could never be a sentence that would bring back the honor of a Rape Victim or her family. The only way we can ensure justice to the Victims till date is by ensuring that the acts like Rape are totally eradicated from our country. I know that is a far reaching thought, but unless we think on that front and work to that effect to sensitize the society, we would just be reading and talking "Gyan".  

I would request all the readers to join the cause to make this society a secure society for the girls and the women.  Respect them as they are the base of our existence and if they are not secure, our future would automatically be insecure.  We all need to join hands to ensure that they are respected with a special request to media to not rush around to earn TRPs by airing the interviews or coverage of funeral. Let Victim's soul rest in peace and let the family and friend mourn in peace than hurting their privacy....else we would all be the culprits of Raping off the Privacy of the Family and Friends and of the Poor Soul of Victim.....

Also, there would be different talks about say hanging the culprits or castrate them or cut off their organs etc etc, but do we think that would help lessen the acts of Rape?  Not in my opinion, because today the government might take that route, tomorrow the people themselves would take the law in their hand.  Recall the movie "Gangajal" in which the cops first use acid and then blind off the culprits and the mob follows the suit.  So do we want to turn our society back to a barbaric society? I guess not, Rape itself sets off a barbaric act, but it needs to be ensured that the Culprits are not put through barbaric acts.  Hang them if the law decides to. However, for my opinion, we need a law to ensure that the Culprits in such cases are sentenced to Life Imprisonment.  Something like "Kala Pani". They should be cut off from the society and made to live behind the prison through their life.  Remorse would surely settle with time, but they need to be released only after their soul leaves their body.  


I respect NDTVs stand to not cover her funeral or air any interview or something. Quoting B we will not be covering the young girls funeral or interviewing relatives or descending on her hometown. Death must be marked in other ways

Hope other Media Houses also act sensibly 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Rehman Mallik - From An Indian

The following letter and thoughts are induced by an article - 5 Answers to the Pakistani Minister on Indiatimes.

I wrote this open letter to the Respected Pakistani Minister as after thoughts of Average Patriotic Indian.....So if you think that this letter sounds the way you would think, please leave your comments.....
Dear Mr. Rehman Mallik,

Once again you proved that the Indian Government made a mistake of Inviting you over to this country and made a mockery of itself with your comments that would go down the history as typical "Defensive" statements that clearly prove the Alarming state of Diplomatic affairs.  The comments also clearly mark the stand from Pakistan that they are not so serious about getting the right balance between the two neighbors and they are happily playing in the hands of the "Religious" hatred and fanaticism.

I happened to read your five comments starting from the death of Capt Saurabh Kalia to the one involving Hafeez Saeed.  I guess the world knows where your comments are coming from and you would need to ensure to stay put by not making any clarification to those comments that are totally apolitical and well reflecting the idiosyncratic thoughts.

Let me take you through your comments and the facts that you should have looked at before you made those statements - 

1. "When Fight is going on the border, we really don't know whether he was killed with a Pakistani bullet or he died because of Bad Weather"
·  You made the above comment with respect to our Brave Soldier Capt Saurabh Kalia.  incidentally you seemed to have been lacking the knowledge about the torture that Capt Kalia went through with marks of burns from Cigarettes, puncturing of eardrums with hot rods and chopping of limbs and other body parts.  I am not sure which sort of bad weather can create burns, chop off body parts and puncture the eardrums?  Do do you mean to say the Pakistan's forces are equipped with bullets and sharpshooters who can result in such cases.  Get Real Mr. Mallik!!!
2. “Courts have given bail to Hafiz Saeed and said not to arrest him because there is not sufficient evidence against him. India has given information and not evidence against Hafiz Saeed.”
·  Interesting point that the world has accepted the “Evidences” of Hafiz being involved in the 26/11 as the Mastermind.  He was named by Ajmal in his statement during the interrogation.  What more evidence is required?  Besides this Indian Authorities have also shared the required evidences against Hafiz and those certainly prove him as the Mastermind of the 26/11. Where did those evidences disappear? Or were they never presented to the Respected Court?  If the Guys like Hafiz can freely roam around in Pakistan, then you should seriously look at the way the Information & Evidences are dealt with for such Criminals.
3. “So it is not a state sponsored Drama, state sponsored action. It is action by non-state actors. If you put things together, there are three guys, one coming from US, and he has the money, he has got credit cards, he has moved all over, he had created franchise, he had created social circle. All these should have come to attention of some agencies. Now the agencies failed. Both here and Pakistan. So, we have failed. Why? Because there was no interaction between Pakistan and India.”
·        The Failure surely is there, but please Acknowledge that it is the failure of governance in your country where the terrorists get trained, from where they get the requisite logistic support, arms and ammunitions, where they can roam around freely for they would be waging a war against your most hated neighbor “India”.  Get Real Mr. Mallik, without state sponsored activities, fully loaded terrorists from your country can’t sneak into our country and unleash the traumatic terror and barbaric activities. Incidentally, you are missing the point that without state sponsorship, they would not have been able to lay down this big a network to have meticulously planned each and every move that they did.
4.  “Jundal also worked as one of the sources of a very elite agency of India. Now see, he has used agencies also and went rogue. Put it another way, you become a source, you become a double agent. While he is working living in India, he might have gone rogue and then these three individuals go to Pakistan”.
·   What are you aiming to say Mr. Mallik?  The official documents from Judal clearly provide the association he has with Pakistan and the agencies there.  He holds a Pakistani Passport and he holds a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (Name mentioned – Riyasat Ali, Document No 354050-397094-7).  The later document doesn’t require him to have Visa to enter Pakistan and his location of stay is identified close enough to Muridka (the place that reportedly hosts LeT headquarters too). What is it that you achieved by making a statement hinting at Jundal working for elite Indian Agency, when he holds two of his documents that clearly suggest his position vis-à-vis Pakistan!!
5. We do not want any 9/11. We do not want any Bombay blasts, we do not want any Samjhauta Express, we do not want any Babri Mosque issue and we can work together not only for peace in Pakistan and India, but also for the region.”
·   Mr. Mallik starting from 9/11 till Samjhauta Express are understood as the heinous crime of terrorism.  But did you forget that there is this 26/11 and then the Attack on Indian Parliament also that we do not want?  Even they were the acts of terrorism.  Also, we the Indians do not want any of your country’s interest and interference in Kashmir.  Why don’t you pull your sponsorship from there too?  Please focus on these issues first and leave the case of Babri Mosque to be dealt within India.  That is not the case you are supposed to speak about as it is an internal matter for us to deal with.  Certainly it is another Religious Fanaticism that we faced and we would ensure that such cases do not make their occurrence.  But as an outsider you have absolutely NO case to make a statement on Babri Mosque.  That issue is long resolved now and everyone is at peace with the decision that has been taken to that effect. 

All said and done Mr. Mallik, your statements once again proved that you guys live in the same state of affairs that we would refer as “Primitive”.  You guys just make a statement that doesn’t make sense in the light of the facts known to the world.  Its high-time that you guys got Real and accepted that there is certainly a big time failure of Governance in Pakistan.  Please focus on the root causes that have dealt the big blow to you guys over and over again. Every time we would not come around to tell you “Guys, get your acts together”.

Finally Mr. Mallik – Please tell your Government not to take our patience and tolerance as an excuse to fend off your support to terrorism. The day the third largest army decides to wipe off those terror camps, there would be no place in the world to save your Government from embarrassment. You know it well from 1971 when 3000 odd Indian Soldier under General Jack had given 30 minutes ultimatum for Public Surrender.  Hope you would not like the History to be repeated!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stalkers and Buggers

Sometimes in life we come across the Stalkers and Buggers in life. These are the set of people who just do not understand their limits and make a re[placement of "Papparazzi".  These set of people just know one thing and that is to see how they can destabilize our lives.  They do not follow any religion and they do not follow any ideology.  What they follow is their own idiosyncratic attitude and  psychometric ideology.  They think they know the world and they sense everything that around themselves as well as the people they stalk.

Several times these stalkers have counted for death, suicide, broken relationships or broken state of person to be leading the last few years of their lives in Mental Asylums.  But these set of people are totally unmoved and they just carry on with their ideologies over the period of time.  Such people destabilize the calm and peaceful life of people around them and then crib on the unstable life they lead.

Sometimes I really wonder on what sort of Kick do they get or they do it because they are either mentally retarded or they want to divert their attention from their own sick life?  I am not sure what is it that drives them to do what they do, but they surely are the dangerous living creatures who need to be controlled, how is the question to be answered!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The National Guest - Afzal Guru

Was just reading various blogs that I follow and came across a fellow blogger and friend's post referring to Afzal Guru, the National Guest today who has been locked up there waiting for Clemency.  The post raises quite a few thoughts and raises a few questions too.  Though I have had a few posts on this topic earlier too, but after reading the thought provoking post, a fresh set of queries crept up my mind.

I am unsure why on one side a terrorist acting as a maniac is awarded death penalty and then hanged to death in an all hush hush affair? But a terrorist who acted on the hate for Nation, to the nation which he belongs, why is he being treated as the National Guest or the Guest of Honor?

Afzal Guru, who was involved in the attack to the highest institution of Indian Democracy, the attack on the parliament, but is still alive out there. For What? 
  1. Just because it was the act where the Country was made to hide their faces with shame for terrorists could reach the corridors of Parliament? Or 
  2. Is it because Afzal Guru is associated with JKLF and Kashmir and Government is afraid of taking a step or decision to hang him? or
  3. Is it because Government has few lobbying in for the clemency of this very guy and those who are lobbying are powerful Politicians of the Indian Democracy?
When would the idiot politicians and administrators understand or rather realize the every time the topic of Afzal Guru comes in for discussion, we as the nation feel ashamed.  We would even after he would be hanged to death, but then at least he should be hanged to death for the crime against nation.  He is Guilty, it is proven, he is to be hanged, it is imperative.  There is no second thought, and if any idiot out there thinks that Afzal Guru deserves Clemency, then that idiot should host Afzal Guru as personal Guest at personal expenses and the Tax payers need to be spared to bear the burden of a conspirator and a traitor.

Reference post can be found at - Notes From Kashmir: Free Afzhal Guru But ! or (

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kasab Hanged - The News

It was one of the most "Requested News" by every Indian from the Government of India to hand the guy involved in the dastardly act that resulted in holding the City of Mumbai on Seize for more than 26 hrs.  It is that every True Indian was praying for and was wishing that it would happen One Day. We all wanted him to be dead for enough had already gone in four years from the time the heinous crime was enacted in Mumbai.  So yesterday, the news finally came to the light that Ajmal Kasab was hanged till death in Pune's Yerwada Jail.  An event that was highly confidential to have even been known to the Prime Minister. Wonderful!!! A really a Heart Warming News!!!! 

However, when I followed up few comments and wishes on Facebook and Twitter I felt if we are living in a society where we respect Law and Order, or we just make a comment, just because we want to? It was pretty interesting to read various comments from the various quarters of the Civilized Society of India.  Please read those comments and my "Cross Questions" to those who made those statements - 
  1. Kasab should have been hanged in Public
    • Why? So that the miscreant / his fellow terrorists could have planned another series of blasts at the sight of him being hanged? 
    • What if they would have been successful in creating the havoc and stampede with their acts and free him?
  2. Kasab should not get a piece of land to be buried in India, His Body should be handed over to Pakistan
    • Good Point, but what should be done if Pakistan denies accepting his Dead Body in the same manner they denied him being the Citizen of Pakistan? 
  3. If Kasab's body is buried in Yerwada, please dig it out and throw it in sea
    • Why? to raise the communal tension by disrespecting a religion that does not permit digging out the graves?
    • Do we want communal riots because of a guy involved in a dastardly act?
  4. Bury Kasab's Body in the Sea
    • Pretty Good Wish by whosoever made it, but did the person even think twice on the cost associated with the activity?
    • Haven't we already spent enough of our Taxpayer's money on Security and Legal Facilities as extended to him while he was the "Guest of the State"? :))
  5. Kasab hanged, what about Afzal Guru?
    • Why forget that in the case of Afzal Guru, there is no Political Will?
    • The Government has acted as spineless in that case as some time back I remember it was being considered that the capital punishment in his case may converted to Life Imprisonment
Though there were many more, but these were the glittering ones that I thought need to be critically examined from the perspective of "Blunt Wishes" to Practical Situation as well as Safety and Security of Our Country.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Media and Yellow Journalism

Media surely knows how to highlight the stories and how to keep the reels going.  Just today read that the guys involved in dastardly act was hung in Pune's Yerwada Jail.  Indeed a good news and indeed a news that would be cheered by the nation and specifically Mumbaikars as they were the sufferers of the 26/11 attack.

Though the news is something to be welcomed, but the act of Media post that in recounting what happened, what videos did they air, what news and facts did they air seems to me like each of the media house is trying to just portray that they did the needful to get the culprit to justice.

Media, that had actually jeopardized the ground operations by live coverage is now trying to earn another round of TRPs by re-instating their acts then.  

Why are they trying to portray or give undue publicity to someone who was supposed to be hung the day verdict was passed. I don't understand when Media would learn to be sane or when they would learn to stop following their "Yellow Journalism" culture.

Incidentally, all the major Media Houses that I follow on Twitter / Facebook have been indulging in this act!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Political Pseudo Machoism

Two girls arrested for Facebook post on Mumbai shutdown granted bail.

I had been following this incident since it was reported yesterday and was astonished to note the sections from IPC as well as Indian IT Act 2000 as slapped  against the Girl.

I don't see why this act from Police.  As per the Indian IT Act 2000 Amendment Act 2008, the said section can't be enforced for this act.  This is shameful act on behalf of the Cops and that too from one of the best Police force (as per the world figures).

The cops have misused the said act and the clauses, there is No Case on the Girl, she solely expressed her thought.  There had been many more cases that can be highlighted against various other leaders but they are not arrested? why??

It seriously jeopardizes the "Freedom of Speech" as vested on us by the constitution of India. I no where see, how the Religious Sentiments were hurt and am sure that the Section 265 of IPC doesn't cover "Political Sentiments" for sure.

This is simple pseudo macho-ism by the Cops to appease some. Specifically when they never arrested those who made Gruesome and Communal Statements more publicly
Are Cops Going to arrest me too for criticizing the Act???

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Balance - A Joke I recd.

Balance is the Story as God Told the Archangel. I couldn't stop myself from Posting it on my blog as it really represents the Balance of things God has created. Hats off to the mind behind this set of thoughts....
*Once upon a time in the kingdom of Heaven , God was missing for six days.
Eventually, Michael the archangel found him, resting on the seventh day.
He inquired of God. "Where have you been?"*****
God took a deep sigh of satisfaction and proudly pointed downwards through
the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made!" Archangel Michael looked
puzzled and said, "What is it?" "It's a planet," replied God, "and I've
put Life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a great
place of balance."
"Balance?" inquired Michael, still confused.
God explained, pointing to different parts of earth. "For example,
northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth while
southern Europe is going to be poor. Over there I've placed a continent of
white people and over there is a continent of black people,"*****
God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely
hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice." *****
*The Archangel , impressed by God's work, then pointed to a triangular
land mass and said, "What's that one?" "AAAAH," said God. "That's India,
the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful beaches, mountains,
streams, hills, waterfalls and vineyards. *****
* *****
*The people from India are going to be very beautiful, handsome,
modest, intelligent and humorous and they are going to be found traveling
the world holding good jobs.....*****
* *****
*They will be extremely sociable, hardworking and high-achieving, and
they will be known throughout the world as diplomats and carriers of
peace, play cricket and win world test matches.*****
* *****
*Even their Knowledge and wisdom will be appreciated and exported to far
places." Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then proclaimed,
"What about balance, God? You said there would be balance!"
God replied wisely, **"Wait until you see the clowns that will run their government!!!."*****

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real India - What Does that mean?

I have been reading various responses, opinions and counter opinions on the recent developments around the FDI, Coal Block Scam, Diesel Price Hike, Cap on Cooking Gas Cylinders etc.  I also have been following up the developments around the same in the Political circles.  It was pretty interesting that the Opposition didn't let the Parliamentary Proceedings take place for most part of the Mansoon Session as they wanted the Prime Minister to make a statement in Parliament.  Whenever the Prime Minister was at the verge of making the statement, they would halt the proceedings and the day's session would be called off.  

Now today when the Prime minister addressed the nation over the recent Developments on FDI in Multi-brand Retail, Diesel Price hike and Cap on Cooking Gas Cylinders, I happened to read the Status Update on one of the FB Pages - The Real India, I would call it as one of the most impractical status as it read - "प्रधानमंत्री जी ने अपने अनुभव के आधार पर कहा कि,पैसा पेड़ो पर नही उगता.सही बात है प्रधानमंत्री जी,पैसा तो आजकल कोयले की खदानों में उगता है" (Prime Minister on the base of his experience said that money doesn't grow on tree, Very rightly said Mr Prime Minister, Money these days actually grows in the Coal Mines)

My Straight questions to the people behind the Particular page are - 
  1. Do we have to be Sarcastic in every aspect of the Government's Action?  
  2. If you are representing "The Real India" please tell me if THE REAL INDIA can afford a Loss of 12500 Crore in a day?  
  3. Doesn't a Day's Productivity throws back nation's progress?? 
  4. Now that the Finance Minister has reduced the Excise on LPG Cylinders to be 0 and the Congress Governments in respective States have added 3 additional Cylinders per house hold to make it 9 per year, what is there for the Other Political parties to do? Shouldn't they be following the suit or it would be disgraceful for them to do so as they lost the upper hand?
  5. Would the respective State Government go in for enforcing the Austerity Measures to ensure that the state's expenditure would go down so that they can save from the Budget and thus adjust the Budgeted taxes on the LPG as well as Diesel to provide the respite to the Common Man they tried to represent when they observed the Bandh?

Now, please also read this carefully as I am in no way supporting Government for the Coal Block Scam.  As is the country is already reeling under the burden of Scams and pretty interesting that all the Scams came to limelight during the tenure of the current Government. But Obvious the current Govt, is responsible for the portions they have executed and they need to set it right and in order to ensure that the losses are recovered by bringing in the corrections.  Certainly that would happen only when there would be a good coordination between the allies and the Unhindered Process of the Parliamentary Proceedings.  

If we have chosen a Government then we need to let them carry out their function of Governance. Certainly we need to oppose them for anything where they go wrong or where they commit a fault. But that does not mean that we try to bring the entire nation to halt. There is a better way to oppose Government's move and Parliamentary Process has provided for an option on that side.  We should not resort to get on the streets and cause loss to the Nation.

I have a general appeal to all the readers -
"If you are really that passionate about the country, then please come forward and press for Austerity Measures in the Respective States you think are doing good."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bharat Bandh - What is the Motive?

Opposition and other "like minded" or should I say similar other Fickle Minded Political Leadership is either calling for or is supporting the Mass Strike at the National Level in India.  The Bharat Bandh has been called for by the Fickle heads against the Reformative and Financially Balancing measures by the Government.  They are against the Hike in the Diesel Prices as well as FDI or Foreign Direct Investment in the Multi-brand retail segment. And yeah against the Yearly Cap on the use of Cooking Gas at the currently subsidised rates.

I can well understand on the Cap of 6 cylinders per Family per year.  That is something not a right move. Government should block it at say one Cylinder Per month at subsidised rates. As is as i remember, they have a current cap of minimum 21 days or so to book a cylinder. A Cylinder a month is well understood from that perspective and can be justified too. Not the 6 cylinder cap. I do not align with that thought process.

However, when I look at the demand to roll back the Diesel Prices as well as roll back the decision of FDI, I do not align with the Fickle headed politicians.  This is something I would call as Insane.  

Talking of the hike in Diesel Prices, they need to understand that the Oil Companies can't keep on adding losses to their kitty on subsidized rates. At the same time they also need to understand that the Government has to take these measures to ensure that the Forecasted negative ranking should not become a reality for the nation as that may withdraw the flow of financials to the country.  If these politicians are so much concerned, then they should rather force in for Austerity Measures to ensure that the expenses of government are lowered and from there the Subsidy kitty may be funded .  But no, they would not go in for the Austerity Measures as that would hit their Comfort & Privilege levels.  A roll back of hike in diesel price would certainly be a Negative marking for the current government and it would lose faith of the citizens from the perspective of being "Really a Puppet Government".

Now coming to FDI in Retail market, then it should be well understood that FDI has been allowed ONLY in the Multi-brand store segment and that would mean more focused approach on investment and thus increasing the Job availability.  FDI in Retail would certainly help generate the Employment and thus decreasing the rate of unemployment.  These Fickle Heads need to understand that each large store would generate at least 5o to 60 direct jobs and would indirectly increase the job prospects in the Logistics as well as Supply Chain Management segment.  This would also provide better prices to the Farmers for their produce for there would be more buyers in the market.  Increase in Competition would also increase a sort of price wars or Promotional war and provide consumers with more choices to go with.

Calling a Bandh for the measures discussed above is nothing more than trying to showcase one's strength. it is indirect show of power and support for the Political Parties that are supporting it.  This is nothing but a power play by these parties who seems to be preparing for an early election rather than the schedule of 2014.  But if these parties are so much concerned then they should NOT waste nation's Productive resources by calling a Bandh.  A Days' Bandh directly or indirectly adds to the Losses Due to -
  • non productivity and broken business where the business owner's loss can be identified in the Opportunity as well as profit dip 
  • a protest turning violent results in damage to property and public / private assets.  This is nothing but the political drama that needs to be avoided
  • hit to the GDP rate due to losses as discussed above
The Bandh for a day pushes the development efforts by few months or may be by few years. It is the need of hour for the Indian Citizens and Rsidents to understand that support to this bandh will actually be a mistake or say a blunder. 

In the Nation that believes in "Work is Worship, people seriously needs to set their preferences right!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Diesel Price Hike

So the melodrama begun and some serious differences between the allies themselves sprang up.  Few statements as they read UPA is not made of just one Party
  1. We were not consulted before the Price hike
  2. I am shocked how the country is being sold
  3. Without Fuel Subsidy, how will poor families bear the burden
  4. Price of human being is declining when prices of everything else are going up
Now my question to the Politicians that they need to answer the next time they make a statement
  1. Do they understand how much Tax burden does this subsidy amount to for the Tax Payers?
  2. Do they understand how much does this Subsidy bite out from the Govt budget and adds to the Deficit?
  3. Do they understand how much this Rs 5 a liter would actually translate per head or per family?
  4. Do they understand what is the statistics of Per Capita Diesel Consumption?
Just because they have to Polticize some issue and take the case to general public to make them think about the one who cares for them, these politicians just make any statement.  

My Next set of questions that the politicians need to answer are - 
  1. If Govt rolls back the price hike, would these same set of politicians cut down their official expenses and their undue foreign trips (for personal gain) to help support the govt to raise Subsidy kitty?
  2. Would these set of politicians ensure that the govt. officials in their respective states also adhere to the minimum expenses guideline to add to the subsidy kitty?
  3. What would these politicians do if they were in the power?
What I feel and believe in is - It is easy to sit outside and dissect any decision taken and implemented by the government.  What is important here is to ensure is to understand the perspective and situations where the government was forced to take such harsh decisions.  

In my opinion, Politicians need to be rationale and need to be more focused towards development of the nation than trying to oppose the Decisions of the Government. They at the same time also need to avoid any statement given for they ended up taking things personal and hurt their own ego....

Crazy & Funny Thoughts

I was just wondering around the controversial proverbs that are prevalent and are much talked about time and again.....Just weaved few of them to entice few crazy thoughts - 

  1. They say "Good things come in Small Packets" then why do they say "Size Does Matter"?
  2. They say "Old is Gold" but then they also say "What is Old goes Unsold"
  3. They say "When the going gets Tough, Tough gets going" and then they say "Don't act Tough when the things are going Tough"
  4. They say "Good Things come to those who wait" and then they say "Wait ain't worth a Dime today"
  5. They say "Wise Men Think Alike" and they also say "Fools Seldom Differ"
  6. They say "God made great Women to exist in every corner of the World" but then they say "God made the World round"
  7. They say "Pen is Mightier than a Sword" but then they also say "Actions Speak Louder than Words"
  8. They say "There is nothing like a free lunch" but then they also say "Best things in life come free"
  9. They say "Birds of same feather fly together" but then they also say "Same Poles Repel & Opposite attract each other"
  10. They say "You are never too old to learn" but then they say "You can't teach old dog a new trick"

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coal-gate raw in Parliament

The mother or father of all the scams, the coal block scam has rattled the nation.  The Indian Parliament has been seen adjourned sessions due to this. The Political parties are opposing the central governments' move. But what does a common man get out of it? Nothing and moreover the stalled / adjourned session of parliament is wasting national time and money.  

Though like other Bloggers there is lot to write for me on this topic, but the thought that's crashing in my mind is - सरकार ने कोयले की दलाली में हाथ काले कर ही लिए!!! 

And its not just the government that is facing the bleeding thorn, the opposition party BJP is also in the fray with some Coal blocks as awarded were identified to be awarded to the relatives of BJP leaders.  Even the Left Parties are not spared as they are also identified to have allotted Coal blocks without auctions.

Another thought that hits my mind - सारे के सारे अपनी उंगलियां घी में और सर कढ़ाई में डाले बैठे हैं|

All the Political parties are actually equally responsible and are involved in the overall Scam, but just because the CAG report implicates the sitting government, everyone is pointing finger at them.  Now this is what is called as Politics of Fair Advantage to sit in the opposition...

लेकिन जब सरकार आपकी पार्टी की बनेगी तब आप क्या करेंगे? Just wondering what would the opposition parties do when they would succeed in their political ambition to be in the Ruling Side?  Did they forget that when BJP was sitting as the Ruling Party, we had witnessed the "Coffin-Gate".

Everyone just flexes muscles to earn the quick buck till they are in power...... Yeah the Power Corrupts and the Indian Political scenario today is such that we would need to use the candle light in broad day light to find a NON-Corrupt Politician..... 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Politics of Crime or Criminal Politics

The Assam Riots, the Riots in Mumbai, the mass exodus by North Eastern Indians Starting from Bangaluroo and then spreading across Karnataka and now as reported from Pune.  People are made to think that these all has resulted due to the Hate Comments as posted on the Social Networking Sites or the Hate Messages as circulated through SMSes or Twitter.  Cops are also working towards ensuring that the Social Media is engaged in cleansing of such Hate Messages.  But is there any focus on the Root Cause of such cases?  Would somebody get down to identify From where these messages came into being? Would someone try to identify the Origin of the Sins caused?

Take for instance - Riots that originated at Azad Maidaan in Mumbai could not have been sporadic.  There has to be a good amount of planning behind them and there has to be a good amount of backing to those who were involved in rioting.  Police Force deployed got apparently outnumbered resulting in molestation of  Female Cops, now this situation cant arise unless there is enough preparation behind the riots by the Radicals.  It needs to be treated more as a Organized Crime and Organized Political Vandalism rather than Rioting.  The Case here is of Criminal Conspiracy shielded by the Religious Politics that in turn is shielded by the Religious Sentiments.

Another Instance - Mass Exodus of North-Eastern Indians starting from Bangaluroo and now reportedly stretched to Pune.  This is another case or Organized Crime to threaten the fellow citizens against their right to Education / Employment. Though this is nothing new because we have seen this before and that was more gruesome than this.  Though there is mass exodus, there still is no violence involved at this time and I would pray for the peace to prevail.  Having said that, this again is one staged and planned Regional Political Conspiracy that was played through the newer Information media of Social Networks and SMSes / Twitter messages.  If it were not the Pre-Planned case, why would special train/s be running (as reported) from Bangaluroo to the North Eastern India? That too without any "Official Announcement" about them.  This again is a clear case of Politically Sponsored Hate Campaign.

Coming to Situation in Assam, it is not something that we would ever like to witness.  People in relief camp are not ready to move back to their home for they are afraid.  What are they afraid of?  Why would someone be afraid of moving back to own house? Certainly when there is a known case of Political Backing to the rioters.  

All the above instances make me wonder "if India is at the brink of Political Insanity?"  Has the era of Political instability in India marked its beginning?  Are the people who get motivated to spearhead the Riots gone Insane or have they lost their sense of Civil Socialism?

With the set of happenings around in the Country, it makes me wonder why I get to hear - "We are a Civilized Nation!!" When actually the Politics here is of Barbaric Activities and Hate Speeches to the extent that the Law Enforcement Agencies themselves find it difficult to cope with!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Unknown Tiger - The Black Tiger

It is very interesting for our Nation to have been awaiting the flick "Ek Tha Tiger". Interesting because the nation has had so many real tigers who need to be praised for their bravery and their courage to have laid their lives for the Nation, for Mother India. Today, when the nation is headed to celebrate 65 yrs of Independence, I feel that there are many Unsung Heroes and known Tigers who need to be Saluted and whose families need to be honored on this Day when India got its freedom 65 years back.

One such Tiger or the National Hero was Ravindra Kaushik, who was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan in 1952 to an ex Air Force personnel Mr. J M Kaushik.  He served the nation till his last breath in 2001.  He is one of the real hero who the nation needs to recognize for his bravery.  The unfortunate son whose hard work though helped the nation in many ways, but was never recognized.  Whose glory should have touched the height of the Skies above, but were rather burried deep in the politics.

Ravindra Kaushik, was one of those who sacrificed their youth, their family life and their own interest in the interest of the nation.  He, who was known for his "Mono-Acting" and Mimicry Skills, left everything for serving the nation.  In 1971, he joined RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), India's External Intelligence Agency and underwent rigorous training for two years.  During the training, he learnt Urdu, given religious education, taught about the topography of Pakistan and then to show him as a Muslim "Sunnat" was performed on him.

Ravindra was then sent to Pakistan with an identity as a resident of Islamabad and he enrolled in Karanchi University for a Law Degree. After completing is Law Degree, he could successfully join Pakistan's Army as a commissioned officer and went up being promoted to the rank of 'Major'.

Ravindra accomplished a major operation in 1979 while serving as the Officer in Pakistan's Army & for that success that helped India, he was awarded with the title of "Black Tiger".   But who would know that later the same title would break open his identity as it happened in 1983.  The unfortunate incident when another Indian operative was captured in Pakistan and was interrogated for his motives. That operative broke and revealed the identity of The Black Tiger.  Ravindra was arrested and tortured to reveal information about the Indian Army. But the Tiger that he was, he never succumbed to any pressure and finally in 1985 he was sentenced to death which subsequently was converted to life imprisonment in 1990.  Ravindra spent almost 18 years in Pakistan's jail and finally succumbed to prolonged illness on November 21, 2001.  His body was Buried behind the jail in Mianwali.

The unfortunate Son of Soil could have been brought back, but he was not.  The Govt led by Indira Gandhi denied his Indian Citizenship and his existence as The Citizen of India and RAW operative are said to have been erased from the Govt and RAW files.  The once Black Tiger went down the history of Indian Intelligence Operations as an Unknown Tiger till the controversy on the movie "Ek Tha Tiger" broke with his nephew Vikram Vashisth slamming a Legal Notice to the Producer of the Movie to give Due Credits to the late Hero.

The Producers and the Director Kabir Khan have vehemently denied any connection between the movie and the Real Life Hero Ravindra Kaushik.  Whatever is the truth of the movie and the script, we as the fellow citizens must rise and salute the Black Tiger as well as the other Unsung Hero of the Nation. Today if we are enjoying our freedom and celebrating the Independence, we owe them a tribute and the respect for their sacrifices.
Credits - Daily Pioneer, The Telegraph

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poor Empowerment or Another Scam Scheme?

Just Read and Article on TOI - "Every poor family may get a mobile"

Salient observations made - 

  1. Har Hath mein phone 
  2. Expected to be announced on August 15, 2012 by PM 
  3. Scheme is of Rs. 7000 Crore
  4. 200 minutes to be free
  5. To be Funded from the Telecom Department's Universal Service Obligation Funds
  6. Scheme would involve Monthly expenditure of Rs. 100 / mth / phone
  7. 50% of Funds to come from the Successful Bidder
Interesting that this stuff is coming at a juncture when most of the political parties are working towards ensuring that they prepare the right manifest and are putting the right Foot forward for the elections coming up in 2014.  This could lead to a speculation that the UPA has a hidden motive to reach the masses that play important role in the Poll Swings.  A Scheme that may be dubbed as the scheme to empower the Poors or the BPL families.  A scheme that would certainly have UPA earn some browny points.

Few points that I derived from the reading - 
  1. What would be the base to identify the "Poor"? If it would be the wages, well a good point.  But, if the Poor doesn't have enough to eat meals twice a day or to have a house to live, what would they do with the Phone? 
  2. What would be the per minute charges beyond initial 200 free minutes? 
  3. What would Govt do if the Poor wouldn't have the required money to pay for the excess bill? it is sure that if the bill is for the amount that the Poor Will Not be able to Pay, the service will get disconnected. What would Govt. do to ensure that the services are restored
  4. How would Govt. ensure that the "Poor" do not sell off the phones for quick money?
  5. How would Govt. ensure that the phones do not get misused and do not get in the wrong hands?
  6. Wouldn't it be good to ensure that the Poor get better education facility than the phone? If the poor wouldn't know to read and write, how are they going to use the mobile effectively?
  7. Wouldn't it be better to run a scheme that would ensure that the Poor get facilitated to get recurring Job and regular Income? That would ensure regular meals for them, that is what I opine.
These are just few questions that came to my mind and I couldn't stop wondering as to what would be the overall mechanism by the Government to ensure that the end result if the scheme would as "Envisaged" and as Expected.....

If you think you have any answer to the above, please do post your opinion and let all of us also understand the mechanism :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Youth and Intemperance

Intemperance refers to the quality of lacking restraints and is often used to represent the habit of excessive alcoholism, drug abuse and similar other evil habits of exceeding one/s appetite of consuming food or beverages.

The issue of Intemperance is widely observed in the society today.  With the ever decreasing size of families, more independence, increasing loneliness and other similar attributes, the youth today is experiencing a lot more inclination towards one or other form of Intemperance.  With more and more social networking getting online to the newer interaction media, the life of an average youth is more restricted to limited places and more of activities by the youth is being observed online.  

All the situations and circumstances are leading the youth to one specific corner.  The youth today wants to exhibit that cool and chick personality online and loves to brag around in virtual as well as real world about his or her hap attitude.  To exhibit their hap attitude, the youth get inclined to alcohol, smoking habits, drugs and similar other ill habits.  And before they realize, they find themselves that deeply involved in these habits that they can't think of a day without them, leading themselves at times to Intemperance, or over consumption.  This can be well represented by the ever increasing young deaths due to overdose of drugs and increasing medical expenses for excessive alcoholism.

For instance let me sight a case where this young chap was over indulged in the social networking.  He, who was a lot active in the field games in his school days when internet and social networking sites were not that a craze. But, by the time he was in second year of his college, he got hooked on to the internet and social networking sites.  You may say that the first sign of Intemperance with over indulgence to specific activity.  Slowly and slowly his interactions in real world were limited to the college and studies and more of his time was spent online.  He had a big time image in the virtual world where he was known as a Dare Devil, with a clean image of non-alcoholic and non-smoker.  There he was a regular gamer too and in one such game he lost the bet to someone in truth or dare sort of case.  That was the first time he had a drag of smoke and his first sip of beer. Over the time he developed the taste for both and before his friends and family could realize what was going around, Beer and Smoke became his best buddies in the confinement of his room.  the Young 20 something lad who had an Athlete's Physique turned into a So Called "Fatso" with that typical Beer Belly and "Bull Dog" Face.  His family, friends and well wishers tried to get him away from these regular companions, but more they tried, more he got drawn towards them.  The case went to the tune where he was admitted to Hospital for medical issues related to Lungs, for excessive smoking that too in closed room.  Today, at 22 something, the young lad is working back to regain his life that was prevalent in his early teens.  Life saved after getting into the trap of Intemperance....

Another case where this young girl of 16 something from a Middle Class Family got in a circle of girls from rich and affluent families. She started feeling out of the class and to be at par with them, she started demonstrating her so called "High Class" habits of smoking and junk foods. With time she realized her family can't afford to pay her the pocket money to lead the life like those girls and that was the first time she stepped on the wrong side of the life: she went to a rave party where under the influence of alcohol and drugs she accepted offer to sleep with someone for money. Today, she is high on drugs and has become a high society escort to fund her Intemperance for alcohol, smoke and drugs. Her family has disowned her for she brought the disrepute to them.  Life lost and spoiled in the trap of Intemperance!!!

There are many such cases where lives get spoiled and lost due to the lack of willpower and lack or support from families and friends.  It is very easy in today's society to get tempted towards something and slowly get into the vice like grip of Intemperance. And with the low social indulgence in the real society or lack of moral support, there are many lives that are lost or spoiled.

So, what should we be doing?  It's your call, we can actually do a lot towards such cases.  Just look around yourself and you would find one or other case of Intemperance. May be, you yourself may be suffering due to Intemperance.  It is important that we identify such cases well in time and help the one suffering to come out of the vice like grip of Intemperance.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Irresponsible Media

Oh So nice, Times Group was the one to run the campaign against Maharashtra Govt when they increased the legal age limit to consume alcohol. That time they targeted Govt and ran the Campaign with Captions Like - If I can vote at 18, why can't I drink at 18. Interesting that their campaign then fell right on the face.

Now the target is Amir's Satyamev Jayate - Interesting to note that Times has "Highlighted" the case when the episode in question was about Bad effects of Drinking.

Time for Times Group to grow up!!!  Media is called as one of the Pillars of Democracy and what we witness is irresponsible behavior by one of the Reputed Media House proving to be the Evil Eye of Democracy trying to Bake its bread on the scoops that would raise TRP of their Shows.....

Seriously - Time to Grow up and Time to be responsible

The Video Report can be accessed at -

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Mess

Interesting case that is decoded, but on the basis of circumstancial evidences. Read the case full of mess - 1. Someone creates the Full Mess for some vested interest and claims to be truely innocent 2. Someone gets used to victimize someone else and doesn't realize that is being used. The mess deepens. 3. Someone becomes the victim but doesn't want to open the mouth because someone else woild get impacted. Full on Mess accepted. 4. Someone tries to find the starting point and gets entangled in the mess that conversion of circumstancial ebidences to actual evidences need to be curtailed. Mess becomes fact. Sounds to be a very interesting movie theme, but is a real life case. The plot hatcher is happily living own life afyer distancong from the case. The person used as the medium is busy in owns life. Hurt bit silent. The Victim is headed to destruction. Mum, distant from the world, heading to life of anonimity and back to the unweded legal wife - aka job. Distanced from the world diesn't mean end of life, but means that the qorld for the Victim is just too limited. What a tragic story. What a tragic outcome. And it is totally uknown as to what's next? Would the person used ever realize the level of trauma the victim underwent? Would the plotter ever realized the overall impact on the Victim? And the biggest question - who lost the most? Time will only tell!

Monday, July 16, 2012

अप्रिय जीवन

जीवन हमारी परीक्षा लेता है और समय के साथ साथ हमारे सामने बड़े ही अजीब प्रश्न खड़े करता है| कल मैं जब काफी दिनों बाद शहर आया तो मुझे घबराहट सी हो रही थी और मैंने फेसबुक पर लिखा कि हे भगवान मुझे इस नर्क से निकालो| कुछ अकस्मात ही ऐसा हुआ कि उसे पढ़ मेरे छोटे भाई जैसे प्रिय ने एक कविता लिख दी| पढ़ कर मुझे अच्छा लगा| लेकिन उसके बाद ना जाने क्या घटा कि मेरे प्रियजन ने मुझे बताया कि वो सामाजिक जीवन से परे जा रहा है| उसने खुद को तंत्रजाल से पैर कर लिया| जहाँ तक मैं उसे जानता हूँ, मुझे लगता है कि उसे किसी ने इतना आहत किया है या उसके साथ कुछ ऐसा अप्रिय हुआ है कि उसने खुद को सामान्य जीवन से परे कर लिया है|  ये जीवन की एक अप्रिय और दुखद घटना है|

कल रात के उसके इस व्यवहार से मुझे एक पूर्वकाल की घटना याद आ पड़ी| मेरा एक मित्र हुआ करता था| था इसलिए कि वो अब इस संसार में नहीं है| हमने उसे खो दिया है और वो समय से पूर्व इस मोह माया भरे अप्रिय जीवन को त्याग परमात्मा में लीं हो गया है|

तो मेरे उस मित्र के साथ कभी कुछ ऐसा घटित हुआ था कि उसका सांसारिक जीवन से मोह भंग हो गया था| उसे किसी का व्यवहार इतना अप्रिय और दुष्कर लगा कि उसने हमारे तत्कालीन CO साहब को कहा कि उसे कोई अवकाश नहीं चाहिए और ना ही उसे किसी भी जटिल कार्य से कोई समस्या होगी| उसने उनसे कहा कि जितने भी जटिल और गुढ़ कार्य हों, उसे वही सोंपे जाएँ|  तब से ले कर उसने अपने आखिरी समय तक अपने कार्य के सिवा कभी कोई और वार्तालाप भी नहीं किया|

आज मेरे प्रियजन से वार्तालाप करते हुए मुझे लगा कहीं वो भी उसी डगर पर ना चल पड़े| वो जो कभी मेरे कहे अबुसार चलता था, आज इतना हताश हो चूका है कि उसने खुद को सबसे दूर करने का निर्णय ले लिया है|  हालांकि उसने कुछ समय पूर्व भी ऐसा ही कदम उठाया था, किन्तु मैंने उसे समझाया और उसे मना कर वापिस सामाजिक गतिविधियों में लीं किया| लेकिन मुझे अत्यंत क्षोभ है कि इस बार मैं उसे समझाने में असफल रहा|

उसके जीवन में केवल कुछ ही ऐसे व्यक्तित्व वाले लोग हैं जो उसे समझा सकते हैं, लेकिन इस समय उसकी मानसिक अवस्था कुछ ऐसी है कि वो किसी की सुनने का इच्छुक नहीं लगता|

मेरी आप सबसे विनती है कि उसे प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए मेरा साथ दें| हो सकता है कि वो मेरी ना सही आपकी, जो उसके लेखों के पाठक हैं, उनकी बात का मान रखे| मैं उसे समझाने का पुरजोर प्रयत्न करूँगा, किन्तु उसमें मुझे आपका भी साथ चाहिए|

उसकी सबसे बड़ी समस्या ये है कि वो कभी किसी से खुलकर कुछ नहीं बोलता| सिर्फ अप्रिय घटनाओं से आहत हो कर जीवन के अप्रिय निर्णय लेता है|


things are not permitting the bandwidth to write. maybe we see each other y ion posts and blogs. for my readers am not removing the blog and  even my co-author does not want this removed. its here to read forever. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Claims and Counter Claims

Life often lets up in strange situations where we know we are stuck and we have no option out.  Situations like this are strange and we keep getting suffocated in them, but we find ourselves helpless to get ourselves out of them.  We find it hard to deal with such situations, specifically when people whom we trusted and people for whom we cared for are the ones creating such situations.  Their claims and counter claims powered by their idiosyncratically powered acts just keep troubling us.  Such people simply get on our nerves and just keep on with their acts of trying to sooth out the situation for you, when they are not actually helping but just suffocating you off your last breath.

Eccentricity is what powers their acts and they just deny to accept that they are on the wrong side of the life. Such people simply live in their own world of their fantasies to the level that they get convinced about them to be the real life scenario and they simply talk about them with the utmost conviction.  Such people simply are mentally ill and they go all the way around to created cases and scenarios that look real.  We find it just next to impossible to negate them.  The another aspect that these people create around them is of sacrifice they  would do for you, even if that includes them losing their life. 

Such cases are a plenty around in the real life. There are many a cases where the victim lives in the agony and pain through life and there are cases where the culprit dies in a situation that creates a case of compulsive death against the victim. The irony in this case is that the culprit lives at peace of it own eccentricity while alive and dies to attain the peace in their own way.  But the victim suffers through the life whether because of the torturous situations built by the eccentric acts of the culprit or post their death due to the guilt imposed on them due to the death of the culprit.

This simply seems to be the endless loop of the eccentricity that keeps occurring with no solution around it, unless the culprit is put through rigorous psychiatric treatment. 

Your views readers!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clemency Petitions

Clemency -  Disposition to be Merciful and especially to moderate the severity of Punishment Due.

In India, there is a provision for the convicts sentenced to Capital Punishment to file a Clemency Petition.  But do they do any good to the cases?  Let's have a look at the typical case that got highlighted just a couple of weeks earlier - 

A Convict sentenced Capital Punishment for Raping a Minor and then killing her had filed a Clemency Petition in the office of President of India.  Interesting twist to the case was that the Culprit was diagnosed with AIDS and he died 9 years back.  And the embarrassing situation - "President of India grants Clemency" to the dead.

Another case, a terrorist who was charged for Waging War against the Nation and is sentenced for Capital Punishment.  There is a lot of debate between NGOs and in the Political cordons that the identified terrorist should be granted Clemency.  Why? because they think in the civilized world, there is no scope for Clemency. Pretty Interesting....Civilized, do these terrorists belong to civilized world?

The question for the readers and the citizens of the country to answer is -

  1. What should be the qualification criteria for the Clemency Petitions? 
  2. What should be the process of accepting the Clemency Petitions?
  3. What should be the time period to notify the acceptance / rejection of Clemency Petition?
  4. What should be the period to Honor Clemency Petitions?
My Take for the first question is - "Any proven Terrorist's Clemency Petition should be Rejected by Default"  The act of War against Nation MUST result in Capital Punishment and there Should NOT be any scope of leniency with the Enemy of the Nation!!

For the question 2 to 4, my take would be to ensure that the Clemency Petitions are thoroughly investigated and evaluated within a defined time-frame say of 4 to 6 months.  It certainly should not take years and cause embarrassment to the highest office, the office of President.  There we need to come out of Bureaucratic Red Tapism and delays!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guy's Ordeal

He was born on the 11th day of the darkening part of the month.  Just four days ahead of the most celebrated new moon day of the Hindu Calendar.  The wee hour he was born was quite illuminated with the rays of rising sun. Everything was awesome and nice for him to be born on that day and during the time that is said to be the auspicious time at the start of the day.  The Gods showered their all blessings on him and he was bestowed with the all the luck and success.  

But it seems that the god of love was either too tired to get his aim right or the dust thrown up in the air due to the mass movement of the moving cattle herds, did the trick. He seems to have shot the right arrow, but the arrow missed the aim by a huge margin.  He had the luck to get the company of the best of the lot, but never had the luck to be loved. 

Gods gave him a Heart that was as plain as the glass sheet and as soft as the tender leave.  He was gifted with the will power to help that coupled with his caring attitude.  He was always seen as the Mr. Dependent by his friends and peer group.  

With best of their ability, Gods gifted him with the qualities of Love, Affection and Commitment with Loyalty and Gratitude to live the life in the simplest way that he could.  He always respected his elders and more specifically his parents.  He never ever disobeyed them and always sacrificed for their happiness. Just for seeing a smile on their face, he could go to any extent even if that included him sacrificing his own happiness.

He was always a Giver in his life, be it helping others to achieve their motto or sacrificing to see happiness and smile on the face of his loved ones. He never wished ill of anyone, nor did he ever did any wrong  unto others.  But he was often used, his caring and giving nature was often abused and he was often thrown away like a piece of unwanted bone in the chicken or lamb dish. He was often made the scapegoat for own benefit by his own friends and those who claimed to have loved him.  He though knew that he is being Used, never reacted because he always believed - "Someone can use him, but can't take his fate away from him."  He always believed that one day there would be someone who would really love him and irrespective of his past and present.  He always believed that there would be someone who would hold his hand and walk him through the final frontiers of the Life.  

He is still out somewhere living his life with his own set of principles and looking for "Someone" special to make his life what Gods forgot to bless him for!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

तड़प तड़प कर - एक विशेष गाना

कुछ गाने होते हैं जो आपके जेहन में एक अमिट छाप छोड़ जाते हैं| ऐसा ही एक गाना है फिल्म "हम दिल दे चुके सनम से" गाने के बोल कुछ इस तरह के हैं -

बेजान दिल को तेरे इश्क ने जिंदा किया
फिर तेरे इश्क ने ही इस दिल को तबाह किया

गाने में एक तड़प है, मोहब्बत में धोखा खाए एक दिल का दर्द है|  कितना सही लिखा है इसमें और कितना दर्द है इस गाने में कि खुद सलमान खान जितनी बार इस गाने को सुनते थे सेट्स पर और आज भी, उनकी आँखों में आँसूं आ जाते हैं|

इस गाने की शुरुआत जितनी दर्द भरी है, इसके अंतरे में भी उतनी ही तड़प है -

अगर मिले खुदा तो पूछुंगा खुदाया
जिस्म देके मिटटी का, शीशे का दिल क्यूँ बनाया
और उसपे दे दिया फितरत के यह करता है मोहब्बत
वाह रे वाह तेरी कुदरत......

कभी कभी सोचता हूँ तो इस गाने के बोल महबूब साहब ने जब लिखे होंगे तो उन्हें जेहन में क्या चल रहा होगा?  कितनी तड़प होगी उनके दिल में कि उन्होंने इतने दर्द भरे बोल लिखे?

और इस गाने के लिए  इस्माइल-दरबार की जोड़ी ने भी क्या सही संगीत दिया है, उसकी भी दाद देनी पड़ेगी|  गाने के बोल अगर गाने की जान हैं तो उसका संगीत उस गाने का शरीर हैं| और उस गाने की धडकन है है उसके गायक KK की आवाज़|

कुछ भी हो इस गाने को मेरे ख्याल से हर संगीत प्रेमी पसंद करता होगा|

मेरी कोशिश है कि काश कभी मैं इस गाने के जैसा कुछ लिखूं| यह मेरी ख्वाहिश रहेगी या नहीं यह तो वक़्त का ही फरमान होगा|

शायद एक दिन......दिल की उस आग से मेरा भी सामना होगा कि मैं ऐसा गाना लिखूं.......शायद किसी की कहानी में इतना दर्द हो कि मैं भी उसमें डूब कर ऐसे कुछ बोल लिखूं.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live Real, Live Practical

Living in the world of fantasies is the worst sin that you can commit to yourself.  What is needed and expected by you from yourself is to come out in the big bad world of reality and live real and live practical.  Every one of us has one or other fantasy that we live with, but we should ensure that we do not live in the moments of fantasy, but realize that the world requires a practical approach towards life.

By practical approach to life what I mean to say is that we must realize that the things around us do not always happen as we think.  The people around us are not always the best of the set that we may think and we may believe.  We often get carried away by the fantasies of our life and find that we have opened our darker secrets to someone who is creating a mockery of it now and is now trying to exploit us and the situations to get benefited.

There are several moments during which we actually do not realize what we are doing and what we are upto. And in Real and Practical life these moments hurt us the most.

So be Practical and Live Real than living in the fantasies of the life.  Floating in fantasies is good till we are not hurt, but floating beyond a level is certain to get us reality Bites, and when it bites, it bites hard....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

From the Pages of Diary

Dear Diary

Today once again I am with you because I want to pen down some beautiful memories of the day.  Yes you guessed it right, we met today.  We did meet today and you know she is all elegance personified in the beauty and the brains. Certainly She has all the qualities that serve the reason for me to love her.  She is such a nice and down to earth human being even though She knows She's beautiful and one of the most wanted person in the college. You know that her mannerism, her beauty, her simplicity in fact her everything is a mesmerizer for me.

So, when we met today,  I was a bit late and when I reached she was sitting there on the beach facing the sea. She seemed to have been unhappy with me for I was late.  I don't know how did she realize that I have reached and as I approached her, She said just sit there only.  Then without turning she started speaking, I don't know what all she spoke as I was too mesmerized by the sweetness in her voice and the melody in her voice.  I was just lost in her fragrance hitting me with the passing sea breeze.  I was just listening to her and I was lost.

Before I could realize, she stood up patted my cheek and just vanished somewhere in the crowd.  

It was such beautiful to meet her today. So what if she didn't come in show me her face.  I still love her and I know somewhere in some corner of her heart she also loves me.  I know that somewhere she is compelled to not love me and she is trying to suppress her feelings for me. I know She is Avoiding me, but I know she still loves me and Every Moment I spend with her is beautiful and becomes part of my memories. 

So, yes yet again today we met, We met in my dreams!!!!
This is just a work of playing with words. Please do not relate to any real life incident and please do not take it personal.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leading Life Serene and Beautiful

When we look around oneself, we find people who think life is a journey, or it is a bitch or may be melodrama or stage where each one of us play our part.  Seldom do we find anyone who is happy with own life and who can claim to be happy.  

Certainly being happy with life would mean being contended and being satisfied with what we have with us and what we would love to posses and live through life.  But, the biggest problem that we have and that we see around us is the way people perceive their lives.  In particular when it comes to value some relations and understanding the limitations associated with others.  I have often found people rather jumping into something or some relation for the momentary happiness they get out of it, but life is not about the moments that fill the life.  Life is about living the life in a way that every moment is full of joy.  Certainly the other aspects like sorrow, hatred, likes and dislikes would always be around the periphery. But, what is important is to keep them away and out of periphery and let the sphere of life glow with happiness.

I know many of you who would read this would say Easier Said than Done. But it is equally easy to practice too.  There are various ways to attain this blissful state and there are as many paths to choose from.  One way is to try and attain the ultimate Consciousness or what is referred as Parmatma.  But then that path is not as easy for many to take.  Another way is to keep away from ones own ego, but then not many people understand the difference between Ego and Self Respect and often people mix the two. Another way is to abandon the worldly pleasures and that would be the end of woes. But then the people around wouldn't let you live in that blissful state.

So what is the way out? I guess for me it would be easiest to understand the demarcation between Self Respect and Ego to ensure that I keep away from the Ego.  If a "Why" is coming when you read the point, then let me explain the reason.

Ego, is the state of mind when one takes everything that is against his/her liking as an offence.  Well pretty interesting twist to that is the other side of the coin when if someone wants to attain / achieve / gain something or win someone's heart, then also they take it as a Challenge and they make it an Ego Point to ensure that they achieve their target.  Both the states are dangerous as in the first case, the person may be dangerous and harmful and in the second case, the person can go to any extent to the tune of slaughtering one's own Self Respect.  

So, I would like to be in neither state as in both the cases, I am not just causing issues and problems for myself, but for the people around also.  I would prefer to stay back with my Ego packed in the package and thrown deep down in the Times Well to not even let it near me.  So without an Ego, I wouldn't be hurt and at the same time I wouldn't have to experience the Ego of others.  Certainly, I wouldn't have to then fall in either brackets as defined above.  So, this is going to help me stay peaceful at least on the personal aspects of life.  

The struggle would certainly be there in life as in the journey of life would pose different challenges with the changes coming with the due course in time.  But, with hassle free state of mind when We approach our lives with an open mindset and no preemptive expectations of the forthcoming things, then we would be in much better a state of being happy than not.

Another thing that I would prefer to do is to look around myself to find happiness with and in the people around me.  I prefer not to chase happiness in things that are not in vicinity or in visible state.  If there is uncertainty associated with something, it sure will bear the fruit of sorrow and sadness.  One point that might be raised here is Life itself is uncertain, but please do note that the Uncertainties of Life are unknown and in my previous statement, the uncertainties that I referred are known uncertainties.

Another aspect in life that I suggest to keep straight is "What do you want from Life?" Keep a clear answer of this question for yourself, if not sharing with others. Just getting confused and making others confused does not help anyways.  One must have a clear path carved out for oneself in one's life.