Sunday, March 4, 2012

Decisions of Life

Decisions in our life are often subjected to the way the Social Setup would react. Not always but most of the times our decisions are based on what would the people around would talk about the happenings in our life.  I am not sure why we have to at times take adverse decisions than the one we actually want to take.

For example when you are looking at doing something in life that is not something that your social status would approve of.  You end up taking a decision against yourself and for the happiness of the family, extended family and in particular your loved ones.  All of sudden from the glorious Present you start looking at the Gloomy future because you have to take a decision that other than you everyone approves of.

Pretty strange but most of the times such  decisions have far fetched negative impact on your life, but on the other-side it has a lot of positive impact on the life of your loved ones.  You decide to take a step so that you end up sacrificing for the happiness of your family and loved ones and they in turn start supporting your decision not because you sacrificed, but because you end up giving boost to their happiness and their decision.

One typical case where a friend ended up taking an adverse decision that was not his own decision but forced on him by family and friends.  His girlfriend started supporting his decision by not trying to encourage him but by sighting the benefits that she would derive from that decision.  I felt bad about that friend, but had nothing to say as that decision where he sacrificed his choice for family and friends is something I don't align to.  Though if I would have been in that situation, I guess I would have taken the same decision to keep family ahead of self. 

The only thing that comes to my mind in such cases - "If you have to take a harsh decision on yourself, take it and move on with your life. Don't bother for what others would think of you, as there would be as many talks as there would be the perspectives.  Sometimes even your Loved ones would try to see their befit from your decision, Don't bother, let everyone gain something when you are losing.  May be you were supposed to be sacrificing for the benefit of others.  Live on as life wouldn stop existing."

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