Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ramdom Thoughts - Part 2

Stagnancy v/s Time to Move On
Often in Life we come across situations and circumstances where we feel that we are getting stagnant. However, if we look around then its actually the time to Move On, keeping all that has made us stagnant and keeping all expectations aside.
Expectations v/s Hopes
Expectations are the state of mind that puts limitations around us and make us weak enough to cripple under the wilting pressure of them not getting fulfilled.  Hopes are something that may or may not get fulfilled but they do not have that pressure on us that break us in case they are not fulfilled.
Heart v/s Mind
It is often said that you feel from heart and think from mind. However, if you actually would see its not the heart that acts on its own.  The feelings are generated in mind and pulses generated by mind actually make body produce some hormones that make your heart beat variate and it is the impact of feeling on the heart than anything else.
Decisions v/s Compulsions
Decisions taken with fully understood situations and circumstances help one feel happy.  Decisions that are taken under the influence of Sociological impulses are more of compulsions to which you actually try to compromise.  The second set is actually a Compulsion that certainly might be beneficial for others but not for you for sure.
Family v/s Community
It is pretty interesting to note that Families make a Community whereas when it comes to the decisions that family has to make, the Community gets more importance and we all look at the impact that the family would have if a member goes against the norms of that family.  Pretty interesting and pretty strange that we fear of the reaction of community towards our family, when our family actually constitutes the Community.
Love v/s Care v/s Exploitation
The most severe kind of combination.  You might be Loving and Caring, but when on the Name of Love and Care, you start Exploiting the people around you, you turn out to be selfish. Love is the state where you tend to look at the happiness of your loved ones. Care is the state where you want to ensure that your loved ones do not face problems and they are treated the way they are to be treated. Exploitation is the state where you show Love, Tenderness and Care, but actually to gain out of the relation giving a damn about the sufferings of the subject.
Sacrifice v/s Gain
Its very interesting to note that when you sacrifice, you actually gain from it. It only depends on time before you know what have you sacrificed and what have you gained.  Another interesting aspect here is when you sacrifice something for someone, they think they have gained something, but they actually end up losing more than they have gained from your sacrifice.


  1. Its strange... that life that's ideally ours, the one we breathe for... is so ruled and controlled by all around us, as if we as individuals just don't matter... :( Ditto to all the above!!

  2. Weren't Remote Controls invented for Electronic Items??? Just Wondering!!

  3. Whatever has been invented by scientists somewhere could be related to the experience in life. Remote Controls for that matter can be related to the old age concept of Tele-Pathy and Illusion by the way of Hypnotizing the subject.....

    May be

  4. My understanding...

    Telepathy is just remote... its a connect not control
    Illusion is a mirage... neither connect nor control
    Hypnosis is both connect and control. So is the conclusion like Remote Control ≈ Hypnosis ??