Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Ego Wins

This is pure work of fiction that belongs to an old story that was written as a concept for a play. It does not relate to anyone living or dead, and it would be coincidental if someone finds traces of resemblance.

She was no Ordinary girl and he was just another guy around the corner. But he loved her and she considered him a good friend.  They were a good company for each other and had a real good effect on each other when they were in the dull phase of their mood swings.

He was Mr. Dependable for her and She was the Sweet Little Princess for him. For him she was someone who re-kindled the feeling of love in him. For her he was someone with whom she felt loved, pampered, safe and cared for.  He for all the reasons in his life was the Mr. Caring and Mr. Giving.  He was the last one to expect anything in return.  But it seems he faltered this time around and started expecting her to love him back.  The one point where he made a mistake of breaking his principles.

She had always been clear to him in her motive to be around him and always told him to contain his feelings, but he was just madly in love with her.  She always was around him for his happiness as she knew that Mr. Ordinary is a harmless person.  Who even if hurt, would not hurt her back.  He always knew the destination of his feelings and his love for her.  He always knew that She would go away one day with someone and He would be left out to face the big bad world again.

Indeed the relationship that flourished between them had no name and no specific reason to continue beyond a point.  But the way it ended with an unfortunate event broke both of them.  The roots of which were somewhere in the way she fell in love with Person X and he tried his level best to tell her that he is not the right person for her.  She seems to have thought that he is trying to woo her by telling her that Person X is so and Person X is not so.  He tried his level best, but then gave up and started distancing from her.  He could see himself hurt and could see himself in agony, but couldn't see her in pain. He was not ready to see her plight and he was not ready to let her jump in a dungeon. After all, he loved her.  How could he let her commit suicide.

Circumstances also helped him in his pursuit and he had to be away from her for some days and he could not meet her.  She thought it to be the case of betrayal and a game of treachery by him. She thought he is not being around when she needed him the most, but least she knew why is he not being able to meet.  She was devastated and she was broken for the treatment she was getting from the person she loved and she was not getting the time from the person who loved her.  She was torn apart and she wanted to cry.  She was all lost for the peace, love and care she used to get in Mr. ordinary's company and She certainly was used to be treated like a Princess, which she indeed was.  

As said, they missed each other, but he was stuck, torn between his love and her happiness, the communication channel died between them.  It dried up to the level that She started hating him for her perception of him betraying her, hurting her and being with someone else, when she needed him the most.  She was devastated for she was treated like a second grade citizen by the one whom She loved and She understood that Mr. Ordinary was right.  But, the distance that grew between them due to mis-perception and mis-communication grew to the level of her started hating him.  She hated him to the core and never tried to know the core reason of him driving away.  He on the other hand was hurt so much by her behavior that he vowed not to initiate the communication channel from his side and signed-off the day his communication was mis-interpreted.

Today, they stand on a ground where he is hurt by her behavior and She hate's him for the "perceived" behavior.  Their friendship that once flourished for mutual respect and mutual admiration, died its own death by the virtue of disrespect and mistrust.  Obvious, they both are the murderers of their friendship for the want of their ego.  But he, indeed is the main culprit to not have communicated the "reason" for his inability for being with her.  Though She could have tolerated it for once and signed-off her mistrust, but she paid for what she perceived.

One thing for sure, they both are paying the price of nurturing their Ego.

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