Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When He Got Hit

From the archives of my stories, this small section is based on a situation where Nandit takes a hit on himself for saving the grace of his Love. This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

Nandit was broken when he heard the news of his beloved Deepti getting engaged.  Though he was invited to the ceremony, but he thought Deepti was mocking when she invited him. But how wrong was he to not have believed the words from Deepti. Now, he was sitting in his couch looking at the engagement pictures along with the invitation mail from Deepti.  Deepti was certainly  not happy about him ducking the ceremony and he had no explanation for her.  Though he could not hold Deepti responsible for his misery, his situation was terrible.  He realized how big mistake has he done my not proposing to Deepti, who for sure would have been elated to have accepted his proposal.

He clicked on the Invitation card attached to the mail and was shocked to see that the marriage was just two days away.  He was shocked that he has no time to express his feelings as both the groom's as well as bride's (Deepti) families have done the needful preparations.  Nandit was all broken, but he decided that he would surely attend the marriage ceremony and so what if he could not have Deepti with him for life, he would love to see her happy wherever she goes.

On the day of the marriage, Nandit reaches the destined place and no sooner he reached, he was told that Deepti wants to meet him immediately.  She had been too impatient to have not got the time to call him and talk to him.  He was taken aback, millions thoughts crossed his mind as he was lead to the room where Deepti was.  As he entered the room, his escort left and the door closed behind him. He looked at Deepti and was awestruck at the beauty she was looking in her wedding dress.  Before he could utter anything, Deepti ran to him and hugged him hard and he realized, she was crying inconsolably.  Again millions of thoughts crossed his mind and he stood there like a statue. 

As he was trying to come to reality, he heard Deepti saying - "Nandit, he sent me a letter, my ex boyfriend sent a message that he would not let my marriage solemnize. He would kill me of the groom, but he would not let me be at peace."  Nandit was shocked.  he realized that Deepti is holding a piece of paper in her hand.  He slowly took the paper out from her grip and started reading -

"So, you getting married and thinking that I would spare you for spoiling my life?  Do you think what you did to me and made me suffer would not rebound back on you? Do you think I would let you go for spoiling the 4 glorious years of my life that I spent behind bars?  Tell me, what was my mistake that I loved you, and for sure that you loved me.  Was that my mistake? Was it my mistake to have hit the guy with you when I saw him with you and was it my mistake to have tried to snatch you away when you were trying to save him from my blows?  Do you think you could have double crossed me by on one side exchanging vows of love with me and on the other side going around with other guys? Was it my mistake to have wanted your love for myself and nobody else?  Just for that you broke away from me and had me sentenced for 4 years?  What did you think that I would spare you for that and let you live in peace and happiness by getting married to someone else?  I am back sweetheart and I would ensure that neither you live in happiness nor anyone who tries to get married to you.  Note it sweetheart, I would kill any bastard who would come close to marry you and if you would come in my way, I would not mind killing you too."

As Nandit finishes reading the letter, he gives a quizzing look to Deepti.  Deepti in her sobbing state narrate the entire story about his ex boyfriend and tells Nandit how possessive was he about her.  Nandit tells her not to worry and that he would ensure that everything will be taken care of. He would ensure that the ceremony is not impacted by someone's ill intention and that he would ensure that her marriage is solemnized peacefully with no one getting hurt.  Deepti again hugs him and he tells her that its time for him to arrange few things that would be needed.

Nandit leaves Deepti's room and calls up his friend to arrange some private security guards as well as some police protection.  He then moves around the entire premises looking for any unusual or suspected stuff.  He senses that there is nothing wrong anywhere. As he completes his inspection, the security guards and cops arrive who are briefed about the chances of mishappenings on some pretext. The Security Guard and Cops take their positions and keep a strict vigil on the movement of hosts, guests as well as other support people.

The proceedings of marriage start as per the schedule and the process starts taking its own course.  After the initial process, the Bride and the Groom move to the reception area where the guests start coming in one by one and wishing them.  Nandit on his part moves towards Deepti and her Groom to wish them when he sees a suspicious movement among the Catering staff and he sees one of the catering staff member pull out a gun.  He immediately rushes to the Deepti and her groom and as he dives to get them to ground, a gun shot is heard followed by the mad-rush of the hosts as well as the guests.  The Security Guards and the Cops also take cover and position to aim at the Catering Staff member having shot, there are few more shots exchanged, but the guys was surrounded and he surrenders.

On the other side, as Nandit, Deepti and the Groom fall on the floor both the groom and Deepti get to feel the flow of blood and they look at each other. But they don't see any pain inflicted on their faces.  They look towards Nandit and see him holding his abdomen and smiling. Nandit says - "Deepti, i kept my promise, see no damage and no-one's hurt". Deepti quizzes - "But you are....." Nandit cuts her off "I am No One" and smiles.  He Continues "Don't worry about me, see the culprit is caught and I would be fine as they would take me to the emergency.  The Wound is not to deep as the bullet just brushed past." 

Deepti and her groom look quizzing at each other after hearingwhat Nandit has to say.  They look helplessly at each other as the Medical Staff rushes in and rush Nandit for Medical Assistance.  Deepti stood their Puzzled for what Nandit did and the groom tells her "Nandit for sure is the Hero, don't you think?" But Deepti stands there unmoved......

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  1. As usual, I have left the Story at a juncture where there could be a lot of combinations coming out.

    What happened next?

    Did Nandit succumb to the wound or did he survive?

    Did Deepti's Marriage Ceremony concluded as it was supposed to be?

    What happened in the story....that's very interesting. If you have any of the above question, please let me know and if you have any other question, please do raise it in the context of this story. I would be happy to post the portion that would help solve your queries....