Thursday, May 10, 2012

Case of Stalking

We often come across people whom we start liking and trusting on their face value and become deaf and blind to what are the negative aspects in them.  I came across one such case where an acquaintance started liking some person. Apparently they had met in a party and they clicked.  The Acquaintance, let's call him 'A' and the Random Person 'RP' hit it of during that party. A being a caring, loving and sweet person fell in the web woven by RP and started trusting RP more than self.  Though A was told by friends that RP is not supposed to be a trustworthy person, but A negated the opinions.  A and RP became thick of friends, but RP being RP almost started stalking A.  Slowly and slowly A started feeling jittery about RPs presence around and started feeling restless.  What to do? where to go and how to get away from RP? were the questions in A's mind.  A had nothing to gain, but has a lot to lose, as when A started distancing from RP, RP started using abusive and filthy language and creating stories around how A and RP went around, what they did and what all they did.  How true or how fake, I wouldn't know.  

The outcome, A is at a situation where RP has hit the Self Respect of A and is demeaning A on almost daily basis.  A has now almost got cornered to own self and distanced from old time friends too.

Such cases often happen around us on almost daily basis in this fast moving world with lot more avenues to follow and stalk a person. What are we required to do then?  Like in the case above, what should A do?  The opinions that I shared with common friends - 

  1. Block the person on all the online communities
  2. File a Stalking Compliant with Cyber Cell as well as under IPC\
  3. Block all known contact numbers of the person
  4. Stop explaining to friends about the stories about self and that person. More the explanations, more the spicy topic it becomes and longer it lives.
  5. No need to change the place of stay or work, hold one's head high and work so that people would be tired of their bitching act and they would no see any impact on you.
May be A would act on the above points and things would improve for A.

Wishing A the Luck and Best for Life........

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