Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cricket, Film Stars and Controversies

Breaking News of the Day "Shahrukh Khan Banned from Entering Wankhede Stadium for Life".

This case may really create a divide between the True Cricket Fans and those who are Fans of the Movie Stars.  We all know that there is a pretty close tie between Cricket and Film Stars. Starting from the yesteryear's Star Sharmila Tagore and Cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan of Pataudi to Sangeeta Bijlani and Azharruddin, we have witnessed the love stories, then we had the cricketers like Sandeep Patil Ajay Jadeja, Kapil Dev and others featuring in various movies.  With IPL, these ties went deeper with various stars getting associated with the IPL teams.  

Whether in past or in present, the Film Stars have got special treatment may it be by media or by their Fans. The Film Stars have always been portrayed with larger than life pictures and some of them have not been able to digest that they too can be subjected to rules and regulations. In case of Cricket and getting associated with IPL, some of these stars adjusted to the rules and regulations and some still lived in the "Aura" of their Larger than Life Picture.  It needs to be remembered that such controversial altercations will not only destroy their public image and would not impact the popularity of either IPL or Cricket in general.  Cricket for that matter had always is known as Gentlemen's game, and when one get's associated with Cricket he or she is expected to abide by the rules and regulations governing the game, the players and the officials around.

Though the news is fresh and even BCCI is expected to conduct an internal inquiry on the case, the decision by the Mumbai Cricket is certainly commendable.  When it comes to Games and Sports, no-one is above them.  It is really a good example that MCA has set by treating Shahrukh Khan like just another Ordinary Person and not like any Celebrity.  

Though, the final proceedings from BCCI and Mumbai Police are still to be witnessed as to how they take the things forward and what is the outcome of the case.

Interestingly one of the Tweets that I read "It would be awesome to see Shahrukh Khan Buying the Wankhede Stadium  and throwing out the officials from there". It is certainly not in the good spirits by that particular fan of Shahrukh Khan and certainly not in good taste for the Game.

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  1. I have always failed to understand that why is this son of a bitch rated so highly? He is a useless actor in my opinion, an actor without any verity, voice or skills or even looks for the matter. The way ppl go gaga on him is just unexplainable.
    He thinks himself to be GOD if Indian cinema , but is an nincompoop of the first order.

    He has been labeled as a potential terrorist by the US government and detained several times at the airport.
    Remember he was the only one professing to get Pakistani cricketers into the IPL when they r banned all over the world. It was only after public protested and pelted stones on his residence , that he shut his stinking gab.
    He is funded and backed by the Dawood himself and I wouldn't be surprised if one fine morning he is found guilty of harboring terror.
    He getting into cricket is diverting attention from reality.