Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Falling for you

Often in our life we come across circumstances that lead us to situations of dilemma.  We often find ourselves at the juncture where we have to decide between "To Do" or "Not To Do".  And if the circumstances and situations are related to our Love Life, we become indecisive to the extent of getting confused.  Though we know what decision we need to take, but we still do not accept it. We let our feelings rule over our logic sense and get ourselves in the situation of pain.

The Feeling of Love is divine, there is no doubt about it.  But, when I read the terms like "Falling For You" or "Falling in Love", they send a negative vibe to me. I had already written earlier in an older post that the word Falling somehow makes me feel about the Failure and Pain associated. The terms of Falling for You or Falling in Love for me relate to the state of Submission or Surrender to the person irrespective of the treatment that we are getting from the person.  Recently, I came across a statement "The Only Fall I will never Regret in my Life is Falling for You, but the only Regret that I have is You Never Gave me the Altitude to Spread My Wings and Fly with You". The statement clearly represents the resentment in the writers thought process for not being able to achieve the desired state or result for the efforts worth.  The words are very wisely chosen and pretty nicely composed to make the Statement, making it look a very good Representation.  

I liked the statement when I read it first, then I read it again as it amused me.  I am not sure how many times I read it to appraise the writer who would have written it in such a beautiful manner.  But the repetitive reading started giving me different meanings that could be derived out from the statement.  I can quote few of them as - 
  1. State of Love that couldn't mature
  2. State of Frustration that resulted from may be wasted time and effort
  3. State of Dependence on the person whom the writer loved, but the person on the other hand didn't value the love and feelings 
  4. State of Dilemma that the writer presented by referring to the Fall and the absence of Altitude to be able to spread the wings.
I am sure the writer would have never meant to represent the above meanings.  Well, the meaning that writer would have intended would have been - 

"I tried rising up to cross the hurdles of expectations that you built around me, but you always went on raising the bar of expectations. You wanted me to to rise to the levels in life to cross the hurdles, but forgot that those levels are to be crossed by holding the hands and making an effort together.  You left my hand midway and I fell, but you forgot that alone you yourself would be helpless. Your Ego will not help you in crossing those hurdles that you had set around for me. The same hurdles would haunt you one day to hit your when it would be most painful."

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  1. To start with , I have never understood the word "Falling" in this context. Y not "Rising in Love?"
    Now then there is some mention of flying too. Again something mankind cannot do on its own. Unfortunately we r not blessed with capacity.
    Funny r the ways of a writer and a poet, and funnier is the English language in itself.Need I say more?