Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - Issue of Female Foeticide

Satyamev Jayate "सत्यमेव जयते" the way it is written in Devnaagri Script means the Truth Prevails.

With a recent Reality Show hosted / anchored by none other than the Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, सत्यमेव जयते has hit the mass.  The concept of the show is to try and change the way the thought process of the citizens of India works.  The first show aired made a deep rooted impact on the audience and those who later heard about it.  And why wouldn't it make its impact when the topic was "Female Foeticide".  With the figures being used to represent the Facts of the Dropping Ratio of Male to Female kids where there are only 1000:914 ratio for the male to female kids as per the census of India report for 2011.

So what is it that we are supposed to do?  I am sure there will be only a few who would actually come forward and create a wave of change to ensure that this heinous crime is stopped and those who still support it are brought to justice. Then there would be some like myself, who would write a blog or would tweet on the tweeter to express their opinion and try to stir some sense in few others. And there would be some who would still go and practice the Female Foeticide.  Last but not the least 90% of the audience / viewers would  talk about the topic for few days and then forget what were the figures.  They would forget that the difference of 86 as highlighted in the Census Report for 2011 would by now might have touched the round figure of 100.  That would mean in the Overall population of 1.21 billion (approximate as per the census of 2011), there are roughly 582 million (582,073,684) females as against 628 million ( 628,926,216) males.  That means for around 46 million males in India, there is no female match as that is the difference between the male and female population as per the census approximation.

If we say project that in current year, the ration has further dipped to give us a difference of 100 per 100 males, then the overall difference can be projected of around 63 million. That means a clear message that there would be 63 million males in India who would not get the partner for life. And on this projection, if the population of India grows to 1.5 billion, the male to female ratio would differ for 79 million and for a perfect 2 billion population the ratio would give out a difference of 105 million.  That is Staggering total and that can result in a serious rise in the Crime Against the Female Population.  I wouldn't be surprised if in that scenario if the rate of Molestation and Rape cases go high and may be more females may get pushed to the flesh trade, for by that time the female would be born with a price tag.  On a Lighter Node, we might even see the Dowry trend reversing with Higher Dowry being Offered for marrying more qualified woman.

But, all that is just a Presumption, just a wild thought.  Where we stand today is the point in time when we can do something to avoid those wild thoughts become harsh reality.  It's not the time to think what went wrong and why it went wrong.  We would lose a lot more precious time and precious Female Child in playing the blame game and identifying what to do. 

The only thing to call for is to oppose the child foeticide.  Come forward to deny Sonography to determine sex of the unborn kid. If someone forces you to do that and to then abort the Girl Child, Deny that and raise your voice to be heard by the Law Enforcement Agencies. There are enough examples that you can find in all the sections of society where the mother has opposed any wrong doing to the girl child and if you would walk around to find, you would find if not more than equal number of Fathers too who would have opposed Female Foeticide.  


  1. What Satyamev Jayate didn't highlight is the case of Fathers opposing the Female Foeticide and facing the backfire, but that doesn't mean Fathers do not love their Daughters. A Daughter is Father's Pride and he lives to see her as a Bride.

  2. Reading thru this write up, I would like to ask, from where these stats were obtained? How true r these?
    There would be more cases gone unreported or then the figures blown out of proportion just to create a false impact to get a TRP.

    As u have mentioned, the stats were derived from the census. Considering that the stats r fairly correct, it doesn't amount to "Female Foeticide". Don't get me wrong, I am not justifying the act. All I am saying is that how many of these figures actually conform to reality?

    Also remember the fact that the program is viewed more in the metros than the rural where its actually more necessary. Albeit that might not be the case… and who watches these programmes – women who undergo the abortion or the families who make then go thru the torture? And besides, how much say do the rural women or for that matter women at large have in these matters?

    Remember Aamir has divorced his first wife.

  3. Fred Da,

    The Stats are based on the Census of India Report, and if required can be broken down by Rural and Urban cases. I have not watched the show as I was at Community Service then. The Figures quoted in my post are based on the facts that have been accumulated from the Reports and not on the basis of the Figures that may have been presented on the show. It does amount to Female Foeticide as there are various other confirmed reports that I have not highlighted in my post as they would present more gruesome facet of the treatment that the Girl Child gets by the hands of Females only.

    I agree that the program is more watched in Metros than in rural and that's where I stated -

    "I am sure there will be only a few who would actually come forward and create a wave of change to ensure that this heinous crime is stopped and those who still support it are brought to justice. Then there would be some like myself, who would write a blog or would tweet on the tweeter to express their opinion and try to stir some sense in few others. And there would be some who would still go and practice the Female Foeticide. Last but not the least 90% of the audience / viewers would talk about the topic for few days and then forget what were the figures."

    Hope that would address some points as highlighted in your comments

  4. Mayank, We all know how true and how twisted is the reporting system in our country.
    U can have thousands of blogs and lakhs of tweets supporting or advocating a clause or issue but what good is it of?

    Does the general masses even know of all this social media communications? Reading is a very far off scenario!

    "Crime Patrol" is a program televised every Fri and Sat on SONY TV. There was an episode on Female Foeticide of a case in Sangli - An effluent family from Pune sent their daughter-in-law along with her husband to the doc whose main business was to abort the female fetuses.

    The police got a wind of this, but had no concrete proof to book the doc. The daughter in law finally found the courage to admit to having done the abortion, and the doc was nabbed. What happened post that? Any guesses?? Well to let you know, the doc who had good political connections got away scott free and has gone back to his evil ways.

    Isn't our system and the wasted interests of the politicians responsible for being an ADC in crime?

    What have u to say in this case?

    Sadly, we are all victims of yellow journalism that's running rampant in our country starting from the "Mem" sitting at the helm of it all!

  5. Fred Da,

    I wouldn't contest on the reporting system in our country, but I myself have been associated with some of the villages in Rajasthan. The cases of female foeticide were quite prevalent there and over a period of 2 years we have seen better results. However, Female foeticide is not the only case that we dealt with. There was a high rate of abandoning new born girl children either at secluded places or selling them to get some money.

    What I wrote was just one part of the overall Crime against Girl Child. There are more than just female foeticide and I am working to collect stats on the other set of crimes....it might take some time, but will surely come out with the same......

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