Sunday, July 8, 2012

Claims and Counter Claims

Life often lets up in strange situations where we know we are stuck and we have no option out.  Situations like this are strange and we keep getting suffocated in them, but we find ourselves helpless to get ourselves out of them.  We find it hard to deal with such situations, specifically when people whom we trusted and people for whom we cared for are the ones creating such situations.  Their claims and counter claims powered by their idiosyncratically powered acts just keep troubling us.  Such people simply get on our nerves and just keep on with their acts of trying to sooth out the situation for you, when they are not actually helping but just suffocating you off your last breath.

Eccentricity is what powers their acts and they just deny to accept that they are on the wrong side of the life. Such people simply live in their own world of their fantasies to the level that they get convinced about them to be the real life scenario and they simply talk about them with the utmost conviction.  Such people simply are mentally ill and they go all the way around to created cases and scenarios that look real.  We find it just next to impossible to negate them.  The another aspect that these people create around them is of sacrifice they  would do for you, even if that includes them losing their life. 

Such cases are a plenty around in the real life. There are many a cases where the victim lives in the agony and pain through life and there are cases where the culprit dies in a situation that creates a case of compulsive death against the victim. The irony in this case is that the culprit lives at peace of it own eccentricity while alive and dies to attain the peace in their own way.  But the victim suffers through the life whether because of the torturous situations built by the eccentric acts of the culprit or post their death due to the guilt imposed on them due to the death of the culprit.

This simply seems to be the endless loop of the eccentricity that keeps occurring with no solution around it, unless the culprit is put through rigorous psychiatric treatment. 

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  1. Who claims and who counter claims is a matter of perception. Wt one claims can be a counter to the other and vice versa.
    It depends one whose viewpoint one is looking from.
    As the saying goes..." one mans poison is the others food"
    Yes, U get them in all kinds. Thats how the world is made of.
    Each one of us is eccentric in his/her own ways.
    U r eccentric in writing weird poems , and me in making funny translations.. or should I say transcriptions..LOLZZZ

    There is always a child in all of us and we have our own ways of venting this emotion.