Monday, December 17, 2012

Stalkers and Buggers

Sometimes in life we come across the Stalkers and Buggers in life. These are the set of people who just do not understand their limits and make a re[placement of "Papparazzi".  These set of people just know one thing and that is to see how they can destabilize our lives.  They do not follow any religion and they do not follow any ideology.  What they follow is their own idiosyncratic attitude and  psychometric ideology.  They think they know the world and they sense everything that around themselves as well as the people they stalk.

Several times these stalkers have counted for death, suicide, broken relationships or broken state of person to be leading the last few years of their lives in Mental Asylums.  But these set of people are totally unmoved and they just carry on with their ideologies over the period of time.  Such people destabilize the calm and peaceful life of people around them and then crib on the unstable life they lead.

Sometimes I really wonder on what sort of Kick do they get or they do it because they are either mentally retarded or they want to divert their attention from their own sick life?  I am not sure what is it that drives them to do what they do, but they surely are the dangerous living creatures who need to be controlled, how is the question to be answered!!!!!!!

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  1. This world is made up of a variety of characters. U get them in all kinds, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
    The later, more so.
    One has to survive and rise to the occasion.
    We as individuals got to do our bit towards society
    and mankind.
    As the saying goes "So shall u sow, so shall u reap"