Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The News - IITs Hike Tution Fee

It seems, we the Indians are too much obsessed with the low cost education by our premier institutes like IIT and IIM. Just when the IITs raised the yearly tution fee from current Rs. 50000 to Rs. 90000, Media went ahead and reported it as The IIT Dream gets 80% Costlier. Though They never criticized the hike, but they certainly ignited a debate and am sure a lot of flake will pour over the hike from various quarters and there may be some Political Drama too. Though this is just an anticipation.

However, I support the hike for the ITTs are not in some sort of Charity and the hike would also help them improve their infrastructure as well as strengthen their Delivery System. We all know they would not like to lose their Precious Faculty to the nova-business minded Colleges and institutes offering higher salaries as they charge higher tution fee. 

I am sure a lot of debate would have gone in before the hike has been decided. I would still say it is a moderate hike by the Elite Institute. Just compare it with the School Tution fee that are charged by the not so Elite Schools. There Parents are ready to Pay high donation fee and get their wards educated from not so Elite Schools. The group of people condemning the Hike must consider that the IITs are Premier Institutes and those who complete their B.Tech or other Professional degrees from IITs get premium salaries not just in India, but in US Also. If people around think that it is better to go to US and study there to get a higher pay, then they need to consider that the Degree in US does not hold guarantee to Job and studying in US does not mean an all round development of your Personality. IITs definitely do that!!! If they still think that they can study better in US, then please do that and spare the Premium Seat for someone who is a better Aspirants....


  1. If at all any education is to be cheep and subsidized, it has to be the primary classes.
    I have failed to understand this strategy of the government to subsidize fees from the 5th class onwords.If a family cannot afford the fees of their ward from std. I to std, IV, how is the child supposed to go to std.V ?
    All other frees of higher and professional education courses are a subject of debate.
    Our education policies are awry and baseless.
    We need to change and overhaul our systems to suit the call of time and change with the modern world.

  2. Many have stopped because of rise of prices. It's just sad.