Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If Ragpicker can Donate - Why can't You?

I had thought that I would write on the Gujarat Chief Minister's act, but that has taken a back seat as the story that I just read set a precedence of community service. Please read for yourself - 

The story highlights the way those street children came out of all the odds and went ahead to donate Rs. 20000 to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. A really heart felt story of the brave decision. These 10 odd thousand street children have created a network where they donate Rs 5 per day so that anyone in need may get that to use. No greed, no expectations and not a second thought to hit their corpus. Khudos to them. 

And to my surprise one of the reader commented "Ragpickers reach out to flood victims or for their personal benefits to get valuable things of Pilgrimist from the debris of ruins???????????" how insane of that person to have commented like that without reading the article. On one side those street children are saving and donating for a good cause and that insane person is just opening his mouth like that. 

On the other side I read comments from readers who have not themselves done anything and they comment for politicians, corporate houses and other organizations. Why do they forget that they can for themselves start the charity at home, but then they wouldn't..... 

Yeah some of the reader there is thinking what have I done to raise this point, then I have a clear update for such case that I have already donate online directly to PM National Relief Fund . If this makes sense to you, then please take a step forward and Donate...

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