Sunday, June 23, 2013

Uttarakhand Floods and Aerial Survey Images

Though I don't write much on the political scenario of the Country and do not write posts supporting or criticizing any specific political organization.  This time I was compelled with the way the facts were strewed by the various political outfits to create controversies around the aerial survey of Uttarakhand's flood impacted regions by PM Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.  my angst is not against the news being publicized and PM as well as Sonia Gandhi being criticized.  My angst is against the way political parties, organizations and politicians are using a news to create controversy against the specific aerial survey.

All right, it is well understood that they made an aerial survey and impacted the relief operations, but that doesn't mean you use any means to defame them and use the Devastation case to raise public angst against them.  They might be wrong in doing what they did, but using distorted facts is not the way to gain public support.  The Media and the Social platforms is where this all started.  Specifically on the Facebook where a morphed picture is making rounds to present the distorted fact about things.  the pic on the right is being shared on FB referring to Dr Subramanian Swany's official Page

The pic on the Left is the pic that is also making rounds on FB and is the Hindi version of the pic shared above.  How interesting it is that the people are using these pics to create a controversy that is not required at this moment and is not required specifically to gain political mileage.

When I looked at these pictures that apparently showed up on my wall and rather than believing in them upfront, I conducted my own research to arrive at the picture on right that I compiled from the sources mentioned below them.  I was astonished at the creativity of the various set of people and specifically at the media. It was pretty interesting to note the Color of the Saree that Sonia Gandhi is wearing in all the three pictures in which she is shown as making the aerial survey.

Now isn't is a specific case of falsification of facts and trying to represent something that is incorrect.  Its time to behave responsible on Social Media as well as by the Media and not create sensational news to benefit someone specific. We have larger picture to look at and support the victims of the Natural Calamity...lets not waste time around criticizing one or other person, rather its time to get together and serve the nation by supporting the cause....Its time to support the relief fund rather than circulating such strewed images.... 

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