Thursday, October 24, 2013

Indian Governments Shameful Stand on War Crimes

Last week, we again witnessed a low resolve and shameful decision from the Government of India (GOI).  The case being referred is of GOI washing its hands to support petition of DR. DN Kalia (Father of Captain Saurabh Kalia) at UN Human Rights Council to bring the perpetrators who killed the Brave son of Soil Captain Kalia and five of his unit members with utter brutality. 

For those who are not familiar with the incident, need to note that in 1999 during the Kargil War, Capt Kalia and his 5 unit members were Brutally Tortured and Killed in captivity of Pakistani Army.  Their bodies were returned 22 days later on June 9, 1999 when the war was at its peak.  For any nation, this would certainly be a case of War Crimes as per the Geneva Convention, but GOI has a different shameful stand here.

Though Dr Kalia moved to SC in 2012 as well as lodged a Petition with UN Human Rights Council, GOI has not taken up the case as they want to settle this amicably with the Rogue Nation in question.  A nation who's PM calls our PM as Dehati Aurat and then acts as a Dehati Aurat himself.

I would suggest that as a nation and as one unit, we all need to stand up to Support Dr. Kalia's cause because it is not just the case of his son, but many such bravehearts who get tortured by the dastards from that rogue nation.  We as a nation need to unite with Dr Kalia just like we united for war against corruption and War against Crime on Women.  

GOI might not be ashamed to take a decision like this and make a mockery of the torture faced by our bravehearts. The case highlighted might be of 6 Bravehearts who are referred as First Kargil heroes, but then there are many other instances too and there can be more that could be repeated in future. It is hence important to back Dr Kalia and get the resolution moved for War Crimes against the Rogue Nations' Army and get the perpetrators to justice....

Please join the raise your voice against Shameful Stand of GOI.....

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  1. We have a shameless lot ruling this country. Its high time these nincompoops be castrated.
    Lets change the entire lot once and for all.