Saturday, March 23, 2013

When the Past Haunts

Deeds of past are something that do impact your present and if not dealt in the right manner may also impact the Future. The Past has good, bad and ugly, but what people remember more than anything are the bad and ugly part of your past. They don't always see the Glorious things of your past and when you try and discuss them, they are taken as boasting more often then not. Glorious things of past are also not often talked about by people around you, but the bad and the ugly are often talked either behind your back or to make you feel low and out.

People whom you dealt in past but don't like to deal with in your present more often praise your negative sides in a manner that they highlight your bad dealings rather than telling others about your good things that you did to them.  They conveniently forget the out of the way help you extended to them and acting innocent go all the way to unsettle your present and impact your future.  

The ghosts of the Past always haunt you when the people around you in your present get to know the people from your past and get to know about you from your past. You may try to make them believe that you are not what you were in past, but the ghost of past overcomes your efforts to destabilize you.  It is not easy to deal with such situations and often the strongest of person breaks down in such situation.

What is needed in such cases is love, care and tenderness to deal with the vulnerabilities of the person being haunted by the ghost of past.  The immediate family, loved ones and the immediate peer circle needs to ensure that the person reeling under the pressure of past is dealt with utmost care.  They need to ensure that they don't make any hue and cry or any sort of mentioning of the past dealings of the person and they give enough time and space to the person to come over with the feelings of reeling under the past.  The special care and affection would play an important part in the Way the suffering person would get help to improvise the present and ensure that the future is also set right and looks bright.

All efforts need to be driven by positive attitude to thwart the threat from Haunting Past!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When I Almost Lost Her

Traveling sometimes can be really taxing, but the recent travel I undertook with my sweetheart was more than that for me.  During the transit, I had to leave her at point A when I told her that I would finish my work and meet her at point B from where we were supposed to start the next leg of our journey.  It was just a matter of couple of hrs and the confident person she is, I knew she would be able to take care of herself for those couple of hrs.  I though was a bit scared too as the place was new for her though not for me.  I dropped her at the point from where she was to take the transit bus to point B and left to finish the business that I was to take care of.

After finishing the business, I found my way to point B and reached well in time. It was still 1.5 hrs from the time we were to leave and there began my ordeal.  I went up and down the entire building to locate her, but to no avail.  Went to the Information Desk to seek help for announcement, but they denied; Requested Security to help, but they denied too sighting Security clumsy ones though...I actually made almost 5 odd rounds of the location to locate her, but she was no where to be seen.  Went to the departures there again she was not to be found.  Too worried, too tensed spoke to the services and they said they will check, they asked for the pic too if they find her around....Finally someone came to my help...

As they looked around and as they were helping me, I just turned around in all my low spirits to just see her coming my way from the escalator opposite to me.  My legs accumulated the strength from no where, my minds rushed with feelings, my hands picked up the Bag I was carrying and I rushed to her...Just to her.  Finding her right in front of me, hugged her to make myself believe that She is there....She was amazed at my reaction and I was too happy to speak as I finally found her after an ordeal of more than an hr....I thanked the services and the guy there told my love about the state I was in.  Not ready to leave without my love, my wife....

That 1.5 hrs when I was looking for her made me feel the most miserable in recent times.  I felt I almost lost her, but Gods had better plan in store for me....She was back and she was in my arms to be with me forever...