Saturday, August 9, 2014

Singham Returns v/s HJS

With "Singham Retuns" Ajay Devgana and Rohit Shetty once again came together to provide with a Full Entertainer with power packed Script. The Story revolves around the concept of Black Money, Politics and the So Called Priest who use to be a street side goon.

The Movie has already garnered interest from the time the trailer was released and the most interesting part of the whole drama that unfolded was request by Hindu Jagriti Manch (HJS) to ban the movie.  HJS sighted the reason that the Movie depicts Hindu Priest in the Bad light.

Now, my question to HJS is - Shouldn't they be looking at the way street side goons step towards Dharma Darbar and become Dharm Guru to indulge in Money Laundering etc?  We have had many cases in real life where these Dharm Gurus have crossed the limits of Dharm and indulged in Adharm. Fe of the Cases can be highlighted - 
  1. Asaram and his son involved in molesting female disciples
  2. Murder of Priest in one of the Rich South Indian Temple
  3. Particular Swami involved in disappearance of his Guru and then becoming the front end spoc of a multimillion medicinal trade 
  4. Dharm Guru indulged in terror acts with chargesheeted in cases of bomb blast...
If we look at the above cases and many such other cases, we would find that malice does occur in the name of Divinity and we can't ignore it.  What the depiction of Dharm Guru in Singham returns is nothing but depiction of the Dark Reality with Dramatization added.  What HJS is required to look at is the intended malice by these Dharm Gurus who's tricks of trade to hide behind Dharm is are not justified.

Singham Returns just highlights the harsh reality in Dramatized manner, but what should we be looking at?  the intended message to save the Dharm and Society from such goons (भेड़ की खाल में भेडिये) or should we try to stop the message from propogating to the mass by trying to depict that Dharm is insulted?

I would choose the first one and will support the movie that is trying to drive home a message against Black Money as well as the Malice in Dharm....

Sincere Request to HJS to relook at the case and try to understand the reality

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