Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adjust, Shift or Change

Be it personal or professional life, each one of us is often plagued by a decision to adjust, move or change.  Sometimes it is our nature and sometimes it is driven by the circumstances that we put ourselves in such a situation where we get in dilemma or we over-weigh our capabilities. And it is not often that we come victorious in such a situation, though we may believe, but no we don't win in such situations rather we shift our comfort zone and adjust ourselves to meet the circumstances.  
For instance take this age old saga of a frog and boiling water that goes like - 
Put a frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water. As the temperature of water increases, the frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly and it keeps adjusting with increase in temperature.  Just when the water is about to reach the boiling point, the frog is not able to adjust anymore and it decides to jump out.  The frog tries to jump out but is unable to do so.  Why? because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising temperature.  Very soon the frog dies...
So, if we have to evaluate the story and answer the question - What killed the frog? Most of us would say - The Boiling Temperature...But is that the truth?  No, because the frog died due to its own inability to decide when to jump out and not because of the boiling water.
Similarly in our lives, we all try and adjust to the people and circumstances and forget the option of jumping out until its too late and we start getting stagnant or suffocated in our position.  We often need to ensure that while we do adjust and while we do shift, we also keep the option to Confront and Jump live. And we need not just keep it live, we need to decide to Jump when it is still time and we still have strength to do so.
Most of the times, we let people and organizations to exploit us mentally, emotionally, financially or physically while we try to adjust. They will continue to do so once they start to exploit us and it is totally on us when to tell them "NO", "ENOUGH" and decide to put an end to it and Jump out.  We may need to sacrifice our Comfort Zone for the same, so be ready, don't hesitate and Jump, when it is still time!!
Think and Act!!!

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