Saturday, January 10, 2015

French Attacks - the Indian Case

The recent terror strike in France at the office of Charlie Hebdo and then the Hostage scenario that unfolded and alarmed the nation are being widely condemned across the world. Amidst the whole case USA issued a Global Warning (after serial attacks in Canada, Australia and France) for  terrorist strikes and as I learn from the news that there is high probability that President Obama would seek sanctions against the Islamic State meaning more active role of USA in fighting against the Islamic State in Northern Iraq and Syria.

But with respect to our own country India, we have a slightly different situation with our own Law Makers making Public announcement of rewarding the terrorists with Rs. 51 Crore (USD 8.225 million). Now that is Bizzare and certainly an act to be condemned for a law maker. The so called law maker from India has a history of declaring such alarming rewards and can be called as one of the notorious law maker from India.  Incidentally, the said law maker was supposed to hold a press conference but chickened out from doing so after the outrage on his declaration in the Social Media.

At this time of writing this article, there has been no counterclaims or no such case where the said law maker would have denied to own his own statement.  However, knowing the Politicians, he may certainly go ahead and sugar quote his declaration stating that it was all in good spirits as if the responsible people behind the massacre would come to claim the reward, he would be able to tip the French authorities about the same and thus they would be brought to justice.  But, it seems a vague scenario now for him to make that statement as the French Forces have been able to neutralize the terrorists and he must be trying to look for a way to save his face from further wrath.

Saying that and looking at his mysterious record of making similar declarations in the past, it seems appropriate to me to declare him unfit to be a law maker and expel him from the office with immediate effect. The Election Commission of India should charge him under Graft Case of immorality and support to Terrorist Activities to declare him unfit and his election as null and void.  The Government of India must also instruct the Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the regulators to look into this Financial Transactions over a certain period of time to identify his income source and the way that income is dispersed to various "Charities" or organizations.

Such Politicians and Law Makers certainly are a threat to the Sovereignty of Democratic Republic of India as well as the World Peace and hence they need to be brought to Justice to set an example for others who may otherwise be acting on similar lines.

Je suis Charlie!!!!

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