Sunday, March 8, 2015

Women and Indian Society

The Indian Society that today is raising its voice against the derogatory remarks by the two lawyers is very much right from the perspective of raising their voice against the retards.  Any person not just an Indian but any where in the world must understand one thing that however rich the traditions and culture be, they can't survive without Women. Women are integral part of our cultural system and in effect hold pivotal position.

Women in the Indian Cultural and Mythology symbolize - 
  1. Power - Shakti in form of Durga, Kali, Ranchandi and others similar
  2. Education and Literary arts - Saraswati
  3. Money and Fame - Laxmi
  4. Provider of Food - Annapurna / Parvati
  5. Sanctity - Ganges / Ganga
These are just a few examples that can be raised. These actually provide the depth of reliance of Indian Society that primarily is based on the Hindutva Mythology.  If we date back in the History, we would find that the Indian Society always worshiped the power and sanctity of women and they never ever showed any disrespect to women - e.g. Per Ramayana, though Ravan the king of Lanka abducted Lord's Ram's wife Sita, he didn't even try to touch her against her will.  She was not taken to his Palace, rather was kept in a outhouse in his Garden (Ashok Vatika).  He didn't show any disrespect to her or outrage her modesty. That was the high of Indian Society. Then during the Mahabharata time, the respect of for Women could be witnessed in the form that when Dushashan attacked Draupadi's modesty, Lord Krishna came to her side and save her modesty.  She was not punished for that, rather the entire Kauravas had to pay ht price that they were punished and they perished to the might of Pandavas.  Though the incident where Pandavas lost Draupadi in gambling, they never let her modesty be compromised and then they fought for the disrespect shown by Kauravas.

From there, we always have witness high regards for the Women as per Indian Society. None of the ancient Indian scripts ever mention words that may symbolize Rape, Molestation, Outraging the Modesty of Woman etc.  That was never the culture and tradition of this land. Women in that time were free to participate in wars, politics and any other field where they wished to.  There was no hard and fast rule that they had to abide by certain homely routine only.

Those, who refer to the same culture and say that the Indian Culture had no pace for Women or Women should abide by Male egoist's wishes are certainly not those who understand the Indian Culture.

There is enough evidence in the History that would clearly suggest when these restrictions creeped in the social structure and why they creeped in.  The plunderers and attackers from the west were the first one's to introduce rape and victimize Women in India.  So certainly those who think that Women invite rape are those retards whose mentality is a byproduct of those Barbarians and Plunderers. 

It is important that each one of us enthuses the old Indian Culture where Men and Women in this land were equal.  There was no restriction on the Women and they were free birds. Veil etc were never part of their attire and they participated in society on equal terms.

We all need to help them get the same status and need to ensure that the Retards like Rapists and those who think Indian Society has no place for Women are taught their lesson. In effect it is such people who outrage the modesty of People who should be thrown away from the Social Circuits and they are the ones who have no place in any Society.

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