Thursday, July 30, 2015

Secularism in India = Minority Appeasement

Time and again at various discussions, I have said as well as maintained that Secularism in India applies only to the Hindus. The history of "Secular India" highlights that the entire tactic of Secularism is nothing but Suppressing the Hindus and appease the Minority community.  Interesting point is that it is only in India that we witness the grants and subsidy for pilgrimage of minority community.  No where in the world other than India does it happen.  Isn't that a BIG evidence of minority appeasement?

It is very interesting to see that how these Secular NGOs and Individuals hoard together to shout against the atrocities on the minority community.  I am actually surprised at the whole Secularist Drama that unfolds every time there is someone convicted and is from Minority community.  Be it Ajmal, or the Professor from Delhi or the Latest Edition - Yakub Memon.

The way the Drama has unfold for the Delhi Professor and the Politics that was played then was well understood for it was Congress regime and Congress is well known for its Pseudo Secular face.  When we look at the present case of Yakub Memon, there was a lot of melodrama that unfolded in recent days. A lot of pleas and petitions were filed by those Pseudo Seculars.  They even went on to have the session of Supreme Court set at wee hours of the morning.  What were these Peudo Seculars trying to prove? What did they achieve?

Weren't these Pseudo Seculars aware that he is a culprit of humanity? Why did these Pseudo Seculars state that he was lured by CBI to come back to India and hence he should not be hanged? Don't these Pseudo Seculars realize that he was lured by Not so Seculars on the name of revenge and jehad and that he himself willingly walked into their trap??

Certainly these Pseudo Seculars want to ensure that their Shops and Political Establishments keep on with Business and that their money wheel to keep churning enough for them to create unnecessary disturbances in the national politics and communal (dis)harmony.  

My open questions to the likes of Prashant Bhushan - 
  1. Did you ever wake up at 2 in the night to go and check on the victims of terror attack?  
  2. Did you ever walk in to the house of that Constable who was injured in a terror attack? 
  3. Where were you when those terrorists attacked the Dinanagar Police Station in Gurdaspur? (oops I should have skipped this question as the answer is obvious "Busy preparing for saving Yakub)
I am sure there wouldn't be enough for them to explain as they would surely say "It is NOT a case that matters to Humanitarian cause!!!! It is a terrorist attack and matter for government to solve." Yeah why not These people would get up to shout the slogans only when one of those terrorist would be caught and sentenced to be hanged. Their money making NGOs would get the money churning case!!!

Government should seriously look at the way the Monetary Transactions would have moved for these Pseudo Seculars and ther NGOs during this period of time that the Pseudo Seculars were moving all the strategies to save Yakub.  There is a lot of stinking Hawala smell in this case!!!

Also, With All Due Regards to The Actor from Minority Community, I wouldn't be surprised to hear from someone that he got Convicted because of his name and religion and he didn't mow his car on those pavement dwellers!!! I have already heard some of these for Yakub linking his punishment to his religion and not his deed...and some even went to state that they would prepare for Jihad!!!

My serious request to all the sane and true seculars - get things straight and make them understand that clap sound comes only when to hands meet with certain force.....and for India to be Secular, efforts from all the corners would need to be made.....appeasement is actually more communal than being secular!!!!

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