Saturday, February 20, 2016

Freedom of Speech - The Myth

Freedom of Speech is the most abused Constitutional Right conferred on the Citizens of India. Now that is a very bold statement to be made on an open platform like this blog, but I have my own reasons to that effect. Consider following cases - 

  1. Arundhati Roy - Creative writer of sorts has today become a self made "Kashmir Expert" with her anti-Indian statements on Kashmir, but then she covers up her statement under the vile of "Freedom of Speech"
  2. Barsha Dutt - A prominent Media person and with who I have had couple of interaction when I was on her Show "We the people" makes such absurd comments on the Government and on the Country, but covers it under the vile of being a Media person with "Freedom of Speech"
  3. Rajdeep Sardesai - I am not sure why is he still in business when he can't make one positive comment on the Government as well as the Country. Always heard him making statements that should label him traitor, but goes Scott Free with Freedom of Speech
  4. Owaisi Brothers - Man am not sure why they have not been pressed with Sedition Charges
  5. PDP as a Party - Always up making controversial statements on the fringe of "Freedom of Speech"
  6. Many other Trolls on Social Media - Get Scott free as they think they exercise "Freedom of Speech"
Now, lets' talk about the most recent case of JNU in Delhi, a group of students purportedly supported by some Extremists and some Political parties went on to shout Anti India slogans and then try to cover it up under "Freedom of Speech".  What are we thinking and what are we trying to prove there?  You can't be threatening someone or for that matter the Nation and hide behind your right to Speech. Interestingly these young turks were not taught the right meaning of Freedom of Speech that comes with "Riders"

If I simplify the language for Freedom of Speech as defined under the Constitution of India, in simple terms it would mean - Your Freedom of Speech is limited by the Concerns of National and Individual Security. That is if your Freedom of Speech is in conflict with the National Security, the freedom is no more the privilege; similarly if your Freedom of speech is in conflict with peace & social balance, then again that freedom is no more a privilege.

The important aspect that needs to be read here is Right to Speech or Freedom of Speech is a privilege conferred on to you under the constitution of India and the Law Enforcement Agencies have the right to withdraw that privilege should they or anyone perceive that your Freedom of Speech is in conflict with Freedom to Live and Exist. 

Those who are supporting the Student Leaders of JNU for that matter now consider their support under the light of above two paragraphs.  They need to open their eyes to read the facts, open their ears to hear the reality and then take a conscious decision to either support or not support the case.  It is highly disheartening to see the way they are getting played and misused by the Politicians as well as Media.  If you ask me about the March in support or against it being conducted, my first question would be - "Who is the Organizer?" and second would be - "How much Money has been making the rounds?"

It needs to be the collective conscious that needs to decide the exercise of "Freedom of Speech" rather than what we are taught by the set of so called Leaders and Politicians.  Please understand that by (mis)using your support these leaders and Politicians run the money machines for themselves and what you get is the same old life till they exploit your Freedom of Speech for their Benefits.  Please wake up and understand the true nuances and stop harboring Parasites on yourself and stop them from implanting their views on your Tongue!!

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