Sunday, March 6, 2016

Media Slaughterhouse

Media Slaughterhouse is not the place where Media get slaughtered. No, its neither my blog or any other blog where Media bashing is taken as the prime objective and where media is slaughtered by one and all. It rather is the establishment of Pseudo Secular Liberal Thinker Media (un)Professional journalists who slaughter everything that is not acceptable to them and their handlers. ahem ahem, Political handlers.

It is pretty interesting how the Media Slaughterhouse slaughters the mainstream voice by promoting and again promoting the news that they (ahem rather their handlers) CREATE. The (un)Ethical (un)Professional Journalists who certainly are from the breed that would love to bash anything and everything that has to do with positive of Majority and good of Majority.  They are the first ones to make mess out of anything and everything where the Majority does something good and where they try to provide a better outlook of the nation.

Media Slaughterhouse starts its day with promotion of Anti-Social activities through the support they derive from the NGOs trading in Human Rights.  Those NGOs for whom the entire book on Human Rights starts from the word Naxalite and ends with the word Terrorists.  Those NGOs neither understand nor acknowledge that the Soldiers also have Human Rights.  The Media Slaughterhouse is often infested with these NGOs working for the Human Rights or Naxals and Terrorists.  So the news of Martyrs like Capt Saurabh Kalia, Lt. Col R. Vishwanathan & 450+ Kargil Martyrs, Capt Tushar Mahajan, Capt Pawan Kumar, Lance Naik Om Prakash and scores of other, doesn't make any lead story for Media Slaughterhouse.  According to them if a soldier martyrs, its his / her duty to which the soldier fell. However, if the same soldier kills a Naxal or Terrorist or say captures it, the Slaughterhouse funded by the NGOs for Human Rights News broadcast start promoting such stories in length and width that the common man forgets the torturous Murder of Capt Saurabh Kalia and company.  Media Slaughterhouse had just covered that news for a day or two and then they moved on with torturing the families by asking them insensible questions including - "How do you think you would cope up with the death of your son?"  One of the so called Leading Super Star Journalist would time and again claim to have reported the Kargil War from the Front, but in the disguise how much information got shared (un)knowingly is something that has not seen the light of the day. That journalist is still leading the Media Slaughterhouse unscathed.

Media Slaughterhouse then serves the brunch of Anti-national news and interviews of those Anti-nationals bashing the system and hailing Martyrdom of Terrorists.  These Anti Nationals certainly get the cover from their political handlers who use them as the Political Ammunition. Some who realize that they wasted their life in wrong hands try to mend their ways and when unsuccessful in doing so, they end their life.  But again, the Media Slaughterhouse would blame not so responsible people than those responsible.  The Media Slaughterhouse would even sponsor the kith and kins to make "Prompted" statements and "Coached" responses against the system.  Many of such incidents were caught on camera and were available in the public domain.  One such case was of a kid in Madhya Pradesh state who was being coached to make statement against the Chief Minister because CM or his aide had slapped him for begging!! The kids wouldn't say what the reported wanted to say and got irritated by repeated coaching. The wannabe (un)professional Journalist trying to break into the Media Slaughterhouse pushed that kid and walked away for the not so Obedient behavior by the kid.  

The evening snacks from the Media Slaughterhouse is Anti-government interviews, statements and coverage on fake fear and anxiety.  The Media Slaughterhouse that was not even in hindsight during the 3 years of emergency from 1975, starts talking about the level of intolerance and insecurity in the country. The Interview broadcast also involves speakers from the set of people who were shunted out of the lutyens house and had to move back to own expenses as government denied them the privilege any more.  The height of intolerance by the Media Slaughterhouse is the depiction of the country as the MOST insecure place to live for the minority. Interesting, can they please highlight which other country in the world is more secure to this effect? This dish of Nation's slam is roasted in the minds by delivering it through the known celebrities.

The dinner served by the Media Slaughterhouse involves the leftovers from the morning till evening and sometimes repeat of the paid news and talk shows.  For the citizens who by the dinner time would have had searched enough from the alternate sources and known the truth, the dinner time from the Slaughterhouse is nothing by stale and unacceptable serving.  But Media Slaughterhouse still serves the same during the prime time as it then gives mileage to the Anti-Social and Anti-National Elements.  In a way this serves as the purpose of advertisement for them to get the mileage for which they have been longing and the Media Slaughterhouse is the best launchpad for them.

The same routine in repeated day in and out by the Media Slaughterhouse with the dishes they serve. How much ever stale, artificial or inept they may be, the way they are served, the common man starts believing them as the real tasteful dishes. With that the common man starts falling pray to the Media Slaughterhouse believing that the misappropriation of power has started in past 18 months or so only.  Before that the nation was a paradise and everyone was living in peace and tranquility!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 2016: Black Month of Indian Politics - Role of Media

The recent series of events in India that created a political storm are something that all seem to be well coordinated and well planned events. I was just trying to get through the overall set of incidents that all started on February 9 and are carrying on till date.  The media reports have all been covering those incidents back to back barring the most important or say positive one.

Let's have a relook at the way incidents started from February 9, 2016 in chronological order - 
  1. Anti National Sloganeering in JNU Campus - February 9 2016
  2. Anti National posters surface in JNU Campus - February 10 2016
  3. Cover Up Speech by JNUSU president including Anti RSS speech, JNUSU president arrested for Sedition - February 11, 2016
  4. Patiala Court Misshape including Lawyers and JNUSU president that is then blown out of proportion by Media
  5. Jat Reservation Stir starts - February 12, 2016
  6. Haryana burns under the riots and robbery for next 10 days or more
  7. Involvement of Congress Aide in JAT Stir is ascertained by a leaved Phone recording - February 21, 2016
  8. Audio leaked becomes viral on Social Media forcing Congress to issue show cause notice to the identified person - February 23 2016
  9. Media reports highlight Gang Rapes in Murthal near Sonepat in Haryana - February 23, 2016
  10. Punjab and Haryana High Court takes note of the media report to seek report from Haryana Govt. - February 24, 2016
  11. Incidentally the CCTV cameras around the reported site do not provide any such record or any rape and the people who were quoted in Media reports deny making any such claim of any such rape!!! Situation still not clear
Now, In the whole case the mainstream media had been repeatedly covering the above news. There was hardly any space given to a very successful roadshow conducted by Government of India for its Make in India Concept.  Incidentally most of the people I spoke to never ever remembered the dates of the Make In India road show that was conducted for one full week (February 13 - 18 2016) in Mumbai.  The only related news that I witnessed getting telecast in the mainstream media was about the Stage of Make In India catching Fire (Girgaum location). 

It was quite interesting to note how successfully the Media covered the 11 points mentioned above and just ignored to cover the Make In India roadshow where MOUs worth $222 Billion were signed.  As stated, most of the people (I spoke to about the incidents / events that transpired in India in the month of February 2016) were totally clueless about Make In India roadshow or the overall success / contributions.  None were able to recall the Make In India program efforts by the Govt of India and their knowledge was limited to the declaration by Indian PM Mr. Modi.

How interesting it is to evaluate the overall series of events and how interesting it is to note that the events successfully marred the overall success of Make in India Roadshow.  Yet again the opposition parties and the Media nexus seems to have coordinated WELL to promote negative news than the constructive outcome from the Governments' efforts....