Sunday, September 18, 2016

Attack on Uri Base Camp

Indeed a sad day laden with the sad demise of 17 brave soldiers of Indian Armed forces in Uri Base Camp after that dastardly attack on the camp by the terrorists. Though the terrorists as the count read (4) were neutralized and till the last news that came in, search and combing operations were still on, the death or say the Martyrdom of the 17 soldiers would bleed our heart.  It was an attack once again and this time not on the streets but at the Camp where the soldiers were.

This attack at Uri was once again orchestrated from across the LOC and by the well known orchestrators sitting across the LOC in the confines of ISI in Pakistan.  These orchestrators enjoy that freedom of movement and support from the masses in Pakistan and the infrastructure from the ISI and Pakistan Army.  So it is a proven fact that Pakistan is indeed a rogue nation that needs to be brought to justice for all the atrocities impacted on the Indian Armed forces, their families and India as a nation.

It is high time that India resorted to a like for like approach and an approach that would say Jaw for a teeth.  It is time for India to that that plunge in and declare an all out attack on POK to destroy Pakistani forces there and along with them the Terrorist Heavens.  And this attack shouldn't be just a surgical strike, it should be a strike to take back the control of POK as well as Gilgit Baltistan that is indeed integral part of India but under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

There might be a fear of Nuclear war with Pakistan trying to use it as a mode of retaliation, but we need nor bother about one or two Nuclear strikes.  They would be able to attack Delhi or Mumbai with their Nuclear arsenal, but we have better capability to destroy Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi all in one go.  We as India would rise up back from the Nuclear attack, but Pakistan would be destroyed for once and for all.  They are already under $74 trillion debt and going bankrupt.  So if their spine would be broken once, they wouldn't be able to stand again to the level that they would even think to support any terrorist activity in India.

It is critical for the GOI to not budge under any national or international power and viewpoint, and resolve to teach Pakistan to bite its own toe and nail.

War is the way, If they want it that way!!!

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