Monday, September 19, 2016

Growing up with Age

We all certainly grow up in age, but that also results in us growing up on ego and attitude.  There is no harm to have ego and attitude, but that needs to be in the right place, not everywhere and not with everyone.  It is important and while we grow in age, we also come to age and accept the politeness and courtesy as demanded by the world.  Indeed, the world would neither accept our ego nor would it honor our attitude, if both were in wrong place, for the wrong reason and with wrong timing.

Having attitude is indeed a good thing if we are able to control the expression and aggression associated and ensure that the attitude is put to right use at the right time and to achieve the right results.  It is always suggested to ensure that our attitude doesn't rise to our head and guide us on the path of self destruction.

With respect to ego, well everyone has ego, some conquer it and many lose out to it.  those who conquer ego come out as shining and successful in their life.  They might at times get offended, get hurt and get bowed down, but in the end it is they, who we call victorious.  For those who get conquered by ego, they bite the dust down the lane of life and are always out there to insult and hut others. Ego is once again somewhere related to respect, so in my view, where there is respect & self respect, there is no ego and where there is ego, there is no respect.  So we do have to conquer our ego for the purpose of being respected, being successful and be victorious in our lives.

However, it is important to also ensure that Ego should not die and the Attitude should not vanish, they are important for our survival.  A right mix would always help in defining our persona and character to get there, where we want or where we desire to be.

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