Friday, September 23, 2016

Indian Diplomacy as Expected

As someone would say what was done by Narendra Modi to step up Military against #Pakistan. Well there is something called diplomatic measures too. Sometimes we need to trust brains behind the arms. what more can I say that brain has been given the highest place in the body by God itself 

  1. 10 terrorists dispatched to hell by Indian Army after engaging the Pakistan Army who were providing cover fire
  2. Obama cancels meeting with Nawaz Shareef at UNGA
  3. UN Secretary General Man Ki Boon shuns off Nawaz Sharif
  4. China called Pakistan's claim of China's backing on Kashmir a bluff
  5. Russia cancelled its arms deal with Pakistan
  6. Russia cancelled its military drill with Pakistan
  7. Bangladesh assured backing India even if military action was planned
  8. Afghanistan & Bangladesh have extended "all kinds of support" including boycotting SAARC
  9. France offers "unconditional" support to India in fighting terrorism by any means
  10. German Foreign Ministry issues an official statement and assures its support to India in its war against terrorism
  11. Bill introduced in US Congress to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state
  12. Israel stands with India for hand in glove cooperation and support
Some people didn't notice this as the media didn't broadcast it and they called Narendra Modi ji as Narendra Manmohan Modi....well, silence sometimes needs to be treated with respect for actions personifying behind the veil.  

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